Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to dress for a job interview: Take 2

Some of you might remember Kristy and Katie Barry from this NYTimes article that came out last year. The identical twins are in toughing it out in Manhattan, struggling to land their very first JOB. Well, over 150 cover letters later, they are still trying to find work. I feel your pain, ladies! 

While the gals have fab personalities, their professional demeanor needed a little help. Who better to make them over than Felix Mercado, the stylist for NYC Media's show Job Hunt! Remember him from this post? He's not scared to put the smack down on style. I had a hard time accepting his advice about not wearing head-to-toe black to an interview, but deep down I knew he was right. (Are you happy? I admitted it. YOU'RE right, damnit!)

Check out the recap from last night's episode:

Loved the tutorial, Fe! The twins look totally profesh. A source told me they've been on an interview spree lately, so it looks like those tips just may be working! And geeze, where were you a year ago when I made this interview outfit blunder? Cleavage, bangles, Oopsie! 

Have YOU ever committed any of these fashion crimes? How important is your interview outfit to you? For me, it can totally make or break my confidence!


  1. i don't think i've ever broken any rules for interview apparel because i'm super obsessive about it. now, have i broken some of those rules at my current job...oh yeah, generally in the too much "cleavage" department. I'm an a cup, so really cleavage is kind of a joke...but i also work for the state of maryland, and you should see some of the "outfits" ppl wear around here. smh

  2. I am boring...and usually always stuck with a classic suit when I was in the coporate world. What can I say...I am not very adventurous! But it was a rocking suit that made me feel sexy and professional. Does that count??

    PS...I order Physique 57 today! SO EXCITED!

  3. I've always been pretty anal about proper interview dress, resume and cover letter, etc. etc. I'm known for wearing boring black and gray suits. But nothing is worse that someone wearing something tacky or

    Your interview story is pretty funny. At least you learned early.

  4. I'm always super concervative with my dress now, but I do have a horror story from several years back... went to apply for a part-time job in high school (wearing a conservative black skirt and button up blouse) but only AFTER submitting my application to the manager I realized that THREE buttons of my blouse had come undone, exposing a trashy amount of cleavage. Needless to say they never called.

  5. Hey Girl, thanks for the love and posting the video of our makeover segment. The show is doing well and all of the candidates we made over are well on their way to landing their next job. Huge hug and thanks for the continued support! Onto the next one!