Monday, February 1, 2010

Got a job interview? Fix up, look sharp

Yes, I just quoted Dizzee Rascal, got a problem with that? So last week I told you in this post about how I was invited to go on set at Loehmann's for NYCTV's new show, Job Hunt, and now I have even more deets on the show, which premieres tomorrow night at 9pm! 

Remember Felix? Of course you do—how could you forget him? Check out the vid below for his tips on how to dress for success at your next job interview. 

Ok, so I admit, it was a hard pill for me to swallow when he said absolutely NO black for an interview. That's all I ever wear! Oh right, I'm the one without a job. Point noted. And look at Elisa in the background looking snazzy in her new interview attire. I love the idea of a gray dress with a cute, but professional cropped jacket. Hey Fe, can you dress me for my next interview? Please?

Elisa and I chatted at the end of the day, and we took comfort in the fact that we're going through the same thing right now—us unemployed folks need to stick together! I can totalllly relate to the roller coaster feeling of being optimistic one day, and down in the dumps the next. Trust me, my life is not all free happy hours and fashion parties—more times than not, I'm down and stressed. No one wants to read about my gripes though, so I try to keep it to myself, put on a smile and keep on truckin'. P.S. Please excuse my eyebrow question to Felix. I had been admiring his all day long, and it just kinda slipped out. Oopsie! 

After being on the set of Job Hunt, I'm so excited to see it! You better believe I'll be taking notes—I could use a little help not only in the fashion department, but also on how to reinvent myself, enhance my skills and master an interview no matter what's thrown my way. The host, Tory Johnson, founder and CEO of Women For Hire is hardcore, man. She knows her stuff! 

Mark it on your calendars, friends—9pm tomorrow night! And I'm even skipping The Biggest Loser to tune in. Yes, that's major, but I know it will be worth it. Twitter it, Facebook it, stamp it on your forehead—I don't care how you spread the word, but I'll love you forever if you do ;)

So tell me: Does anyone have any funny or insightful interview stories to share? Any fashion questions for Felix? Do share!


  1. wow what an interesting blog! i'll be following ;)
    =O miss the biggest loser!!?? that IS major!

  2. Hey Natalia! Yeah, I don't give Biggest Loser up for just anything. Are you a fan of the show?? I think you can burn calories just by watching ;)

  3. It's an interesting post to know some details from the video provided. As people get organized to attend the job interview they have to take care that their clothing is suitable for the sort of company which they will be interviewing with. This is the main point in any job interview as the first impression is the best impression.

  4. Very true, Michael, first impressions are SO important. People make judgments about you as soon as they meet's just a natural reflex.