Friday, February 19, 2010

All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me...

Oh how I miss Destiny's Child. What? You thought I was going to address Tiger's pathetic public apology today? Um, no. Right, back to Destiny's Child. I wish my life resembled their song, Independent Women, but instead I'm living more in Survivor mode these days. 

I've always thought of myself as independent, but the other night it struck me that other people might not see me in the same light. I was out with my boyfriend and some of his friends, and as we all started parting ways, he slipped me a $20 to get a cab home. I had planned on taking the subway, but I'm not one to deny myself a free cab ride—especially when I'm wearing heels! A few of his friends saw the transaction go down, and I don't know why, but I was a little embarrassed. I used to roll my eyes at girls who always let guys pick up the tab, and now I'm one of them—whether I want to be or not. It's not a nice feeling, but it's my reality right now. After bills, rent and groceries are taken care of, next to nothing is left over. And if there is, I'm buying a skim latte. I know, I'm terrible. 

One day I'll be fabulous and independent just like Michelle, Kelly and B—with my own Rottweiler. Named Peaches. Until then, I'll continue to steal borrow quarters out of my bf's coin jar to help pay for my bus rides home.

Tell me: Are you independent? What Destiny's Child song fits you best? 


  1. I live in a house my bf bought and pay him rent. I am only quasi-independent. And you are not "taking" the $20 if your boyfriend gives it to you for a cab...that is just ensuring you get home safely and comfortably on a cold night. And you are independent - you pay your telephone bills, pay your automobills, baby maybe we could chill...

    That is a silly song. It kinda reminds me of "Scrubs" by TLC. That was the jam.

    I loved "Say My Name"...the back beat is so awesome. Would you consider "Check On It" a Beyonce or DC song? It is technically on a Destiny's Child Album.
    Oh, now I can't stop thinking about Beyonce and Destiny's Child.


  2. I am independent and being married has FORCED me to realize that asking for help is 100% okay! I have no idea what song best describes me...I would have to think on that! Oh and I think letting your BF pick up the tab for the cab ride is 100% okay!

  3. the first song with destiny's child? my personal fav, that's because of scarface though, of course.

  4. Now I want to listen to Destiny's Child. I think the song that best fits me is "Jumpin, Jumpin." My friends and I used to jam to that song before going out! So good. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved DC.

    PS There's nothing wrong with accepting help from others.

  5. Don't be embarrassed about it - it's his way of showing you that he's lucky to have you.

  6. Ohh yes, I loved the DC and TLC days, Shannon. And Salt 'n' Peppa! I'm nowhere near being 100% independent, but do I get bonus points for WANTING to be??

    MHP, I'd say your song would be Bootylicious! You like your lunges dontcha? :)

    Flip, I had never heard that song until now. I used to be a Geto Boys fan back in the day. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster...

    Oh yeah, Sophia, Jumpin' Jumpin' is the BEST pre-going out song!

    Thanks, Bananas...I didn't really think of it that way :)