Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clothing Swap!

My friend Thea invited me to a clothing swap on Saturday afternoon, and even though I just gave four big boxes to Salvation Army filled with clothes and had nothing to bring, I decided to go. My contribution? A bottle of wine and Sour Patch Kids. 

I get overwhelmed when I have too many choices, but I ended up finding some cute things! And yeah, wearing other people's clothes is a bit weird, but whateves, it's FREE.

I hooked Liza up with some beauty products since her side gig as a makeup artist is really taking off!
I snagged this gray fitted coat. It was a little snug, but I had layers on, so I can make it work. Plus, I loved the puffy collar.

I definitely didn't need this bag, but I took it anyway. It's not even quite my style, but I loved the colors—it would be handy on a vacation, in let's say...Jamaica, no? (Wink, wink)

Thea and I spent the majority of our time eating and drinking in the kitchen. I was a bit hungover from the night before, but she attacked the bevs like a champ. I soon realized she was tipsy when she gave me a speech that started, "Dude, you don't give yourself enough credit. You act like you're a four, but really you're like...a nine." It was funny. Thanks for the pep talk, The!

She scored a couple thin V-neck sweaters. I was kinda jeals because I need good basics like that! Ohh well, I didn't do much scouring, so I guess I can't complain.

The two words that best describe me these days: Hot.Mess. I picked these undies up as well. (Don't worry, they haven't been worn!)

All in all, it was a success. I met new people, picked up a few FREE goodies, and I didn't waste my Saturday on the couch watching The Real Housewives of Orange County reruns. Have you ever been to a clothing swap? And do you shop at consignment stores often? 


  1. I've never shopped vintage or consignment stores. I'm germaphobe and sentimental so it bothers me to wear clothes that others have "lived" in.

    I think I would like to do clothing swap with friends. We give eachother clothes that don't fit and borrow clothes as well. The swap looked like fun. Nothing like a fun girls night in!

  2. Hey Latoya! Yeah, I'm kinda weird about wearing used clothing too, but I take what I can get these days :) Going to the Salvation Army was like, the COOLEST thing to do in seventh grade though! Yep, I had a grunge phase...

  3. So fun!
    I was raised on thrift store clothing. Single mom 5 kids. I've come to appreciate the clothes I find. Me and my mom call thrift stores our boutique when ppl ask where we got our clothes!

  4. I have never heard of a clothing swap before. So you get a bunch of folks together with gently worn clothes they don't want and then have at it? And there was booze? Um, Awesome. The only thing I would be worried about is that no one would want my clothes that I donated :) What if two girls want the same thing? Are there rules?
    Such a cool idea.


  5. just got this awesome Vince sweater dress at Housing Works yesterday for $18, plus the belt I tried it on with for $5. Also - I have a heart necklace that says "Hot Mess" on it (new for $40) :) It's def my favorite piece of jewelry at the moment, which is good bc I don't wear jewelry!

  6. Great post! You might also be interested in thredUP and thredUP kids - online clothing exchange communities. Think: Netflix for clothes. thredUP is live with 10,000 members and kids is launching soon! Thanks!

  7. Yup, that's exactly right, SCS. There really aren't rules...whoever sees the item first is who gets it. But actually, I was surprised by how nice everyone was about sharing and giving something to someone if they commented on how much they liked it. I have no catfights to report!

    Dazey, a Vince sweater for $18?! Amaaazing. Love the hot mess it girl :)

    Cool, Karen, I'll check it out!