Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things I suck at

Yesterday at work I totally got schooled by a customer on how to gift wrap. Like, she reached over the counter, grabbed tissue paper and started wrapping her own purchase! I had hardly even gotten started, so I'm not sure what caused this outburst. (Perhaps it was my shaky hands or the look of terror on my face that gave me away?) So yep, that brings me to numero uno.

1. Gift wrapping. Cutting, folding, taping, making things look neat and pretty--it's just not my thing.

2. Skiing. I haven't done it since 1997. Everyone assured me I'd be good at it since I'm athletic. Nope. I'm the girl doing the "pizza wedge" all the way down the bunny slopes. I've even caused a chairlift pile-up a time or two due to my inability to gracefully stand up and ski away. I like to fall over and trip the people behind me with my skis.

3. Lying. I'm particularly bad at it when someone asks me if I like their outfit and I um, don't. So, if you have an inkling that what you're wearing might be fug, please do not ask for my opinion.

4. Karaoke. To be successful at karaoke, you either have to be: a.) A really great singer b.) A really terrible singer (think Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding) or c.) Funny and entertaining. Naturally, I'm the funniest person you know, but I'm just not karaoke-funny. Whatever that is.

5. Massages. I know, I know, everyone is taking pity on my boyfriend and wondering what other things I might be bad at. It's just the massages, ok?

All this self-deprecation is wearing me out! Your turn: What do you suck at?


  1. matter how long I do it I can never get the wrinkles out of my clothes. It makes for some hefty dry cleaning bills!

  2. 1. Ironing clothes (thanks Whitney, my mother thinks it's just me!)
    2. Managing frizzy hair.
    3. Being able to carry off stilletos. I cringe all the time or simply take them off if I've had a couple of drinks.

    Lots more, but these are at the top of my head as I'm getting ready for work. :)

  3. Ironing and walking in heels...I knew I was leaving something off my list! :)

  4. This made me laugh because I am a TERRIBLE gift wrapper too! But here are the things I totally suck at:

    1. any sport that involves a ball
    2. putting on makeup (anything other than mascara totally confuses me!)
    3. cleaning...I am the worst housekeeper ever!
    4. Math! I seriously need a calculator to do simple addition (shameful I know!)
    5. Singing...I don't even sound good in the shower!

  5. Are you ready deep breath, riding a bike, my spelling is not to hot either,swimming, walking in sky high heels, patience can be a problem and making good pastry!Sharon(UK)

  6. buying thoughtful gifts, i always draw a blank when it comes down to crunch time.

  7. There are some good ones here! Even if I was pass-out drunk I have refused to karaoke, so I'm not sure if I suck at it.

    I suck at: math in my head, gifting, spelling, and K told me the other day that I "suck at snow days". I can't sit still for anything-relaxing is pretty much out of the question except for the hour that LOST is on.

  8. I'm just like "flipisatrip" - I can't buy thoughtful gifts.
    I suck with compliments. both taking them to myself and giving them, especially if I don't really wanna give them..

  9. George really does suck at snow days. He has mad guilt, whereas I embrace the laziness. I'm also the bomb at math.

    My achilles heel: another vote for HAIR. The idea of doing my own hair for an event makes me break out in a cold sweat. I just...can' it.

    I also suck at networking (which you're the bomb at!). The other day I was telling my neighbor about an interview I'd done and he was like, "Whoa, you got to interview a celebrity? Congratulations!" Um, I've known him for three years -- that should give you some idea of my self-promotion abilities.

  10. P.S. I vote next post is your hidden talents -- the rando things you rock at.

  11. HAIR, my sister had to put my hair in a ponytail until high school! Guess it makes the cost of getting your hair done worth it.

    Back seat driving, I am jumpy and anxious in the car with anyone else driving. Vehicles are really dangerous and a few wrecks in college didn't help.

  12. Hair - I suck at doing my own hair so bad!

    Reading out loud - I'm a fast reader so I get ahead of my speech and then stutter or skip words. Ironically, I enjoy unscripted public speaking.

    Sleeping in - it seems like a great idea but once 8:30 rolls around on Saturday, I feel like I should up and enjoying the day

    Budgeting - I suck at tracking my miscellaneous spending, espcially convenience food purchases.

  13. Why do I love this so much, but I do. Guess it just makes you laugh at yourself. I am terrible at driving, biking, and decorating. Decorating is the most painful process to me -- It takes me forever to commit to a furniture purchase and then it takes me at least 6 months in a place before I get around to hanging pictures. So sad because once I have everything in place I'm happy!

  14. I cannot open bags: like bags of chips, cereal, etc. I try and BOOM the floor is covered with the contents of the bag. My BF says I "wolverine" things. I am also incapable of throwing balls. I throw like a girl. I can deflect a ball if it is coming at my face though ("there goes your social life").


    I also think your next post should be things you rock at!

  15. I suck at acting like I care when I don't.. especially when someone is complaining about something that may suck but isnt in my realm of caring and I just give them a look like if you continue talking will want to punch you.. Punch maybe be a little harsh but you get the picture.. And I suck at keeping in touch with friends I dont see week to week.. And I really suck at avoiding potholes while driving..

  16. I am terrible at math, removing splinters,cursive writing, polishing my nails, hiding how I really feel,painting a room (if it wasn't for my mom and friends my apartment would be one big splotchy mess), fixing computer problems, and much more....

  17. K, guys, I'll make my list of "Things I Rock At" and put it up soon. Why do I have a feeling this will be harder to think of?? After reading your comments, I just kept adding more to my "suck" list: doing my hair, math, nails...the list goes on.

    Oh and Flip and Signe, I thought your comment was cute. It's really not that hard to be thoughtful. Just think about what the person REALLY likes, even if it's something small. For instance, the best present anyone could ever give me is a Starbucks gift card. I always feel guilty spending money on a fancy coffee, so it's such a treat to have a g.c. And another example, one time my friend's bf stocked her fridge with cold Diet Coke because she had complained that she always runs out so quickly and she was SO happy. She thought it was the cutest thing ever. Ok, I'm get my point..


    I suck at getting out of bed on the weekends, keeping in touch with even the dearest friends, and making it to the gym more than once a month.

    Haha, maybe next year!