Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Models, models, effin' skinny ass models, man!

Last night I skipped my friend Sabrina's happy hour in Midtown to go to a swanky H&M partay at restaurant called Bobo in the West Village. Honestly, the experiene was really cool, but I probably would have had more FUN with my pal, sipping cheap vodka-waters in an unpretentious atmosphere where knowing someone who knows someone is not required to make it through the front door. (Don't get me wrong though, I AM appreciative). I'm currently going through a bit of an identity crisis. Yes, I enjoy attending these exclusive events just to kinda stand back and take it all in, but it's not really who I am. But I'm also certainly not a Midtown or Murray Hill type girl (think fratastic bars) either, so I guess I'm somewhere in between? Ahh, I'll figure it out...eventually. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I'll always keep it 100 (one-hundad as Ray J says), and that will never change.

I walked in behind a short dude with a swarm of models. I don't think everyone in his posse was on the guest list, but all had to say was, "They're models," and they waltzed right in.

Even the DJ was a model--Channel Iman!

Grunge. I dig it.

The party was for Parisian designer, Sonia Rykiel's knitwear collection. Bows, stripes, cuffed shorts--adorbs. Actually, this pic doesn't do the clothing justice. Click here to check out more looks from the line!

For all we know, this dude is six-feet tall--it's hard to say for sure standing next to an amazon! Geeze, I wonder if he woke up this morning with a kink in his neck?

Models, models, more models. Blondie didn't take such a hot pic, but she was gorge, and I was totally feeling her long-sleeve sequin dress--the white collar makes it totally fun.

I have no idea who mama is, but everyone was taking her pic, so I decided to join in. Love the bracelets. And the scarf.

Alas, there's me. It looks like I couldn't decide whether to wear my denim shirt or fur vest! It probably would have looked better with just the vest, but my dress was sleeveless, and you know I don't do sleeveless. Ahh well, live and learn!
All in all, it was a fun night. I want to go back to Bobo for dinner some time--the food that was being passed around looked DELISH. I resisted trying it--I guess a room full of models will make you lose your appetite!

So what about you, friends: Have you ever gone through an identity crisis like me? How did you deal? And WHAT is everyone doing this weekend? Federica's bday party is tomorrow, which will be awesome, but sadly, I don't think I have any Superbowl plans! Who wants to invite me to their party? ;)


  1. Superbowl is number one of my list this weekend! I am slightly (okay majorly) in love with Peyton Manning...GO COLTS!!!!

  2. Snow this weekend!! I think I am going to be stuck inside if the 20 to 30 inches they are predicting actually falls here in DC! The grocery stores were out of control - I waited 40 minutes in line! Have a great weekend!

  3. Big weekend - Thai Date Night with the BF, wedding in B'ham, then the Super Bowel. Who DAT!

    I am actually pretty stoked about this game. I like Peyton and the Colts, and I love New Orleans generally. I am pulling for the Saints in this one, but I would be happy if the Colts won another one.

  4. your bio there gave me chills. but glad to see you're still kicking. : )

  5. Wow, am I the only person without Superbowl plans?? And yeah...totally not looking forward to the snow that's heading my way!

    Thanks, Jessica! ;) Yep, still kickin...TRYING to at least!

  6. But I'm also certainly not a Midtown or Murray Hill type girl (think fratastic bars) either, so I guess I'm somewhere in between? Ahh, I'll figure it out...eventually.

    Follow up Question- what type of person do you want to be?

    I do a lot of things that seem out of character for the type of person I am now but they fall right in line with what I want to be in the future.

    and no you arent the only one without super bowl plans! Im kinda happy that it snowed so I cna have excuse to stay in and enjoy the game.. Go Colts!

  7. Hrm, good question Cincy. Well, I LIKE who I am now...someone who is adaptive and can hang out with different kinds of people and have lots of different experiences, but I guess I want to be someone who is successful, gets noticed, etc BUT still is down-to-earth. I also wish I felt more confident/comfortable at the swanky types of parties like the one I described. I never really feel like I'm supposed to be there. I guess I just want to be a more confident, established version of who I am now. With a better wardrobe. haha. Am I making sense?