Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What are your pet peeves?

I'm in a bit of a bitchy mood this morning, so why not BITCH!? Off the top of my head, in no particular order, here are some of my biggest pet peeves:

1. People who don't respond to emails. It's rude. Whether it's personal or business-related, I just can't stand when someone doesn't acknowledge an email I sent. Sure, people get busy, but there really is no excuse for it to happen on the regular. An "I'm so sorry, I'm swamped right now, I'll get back to you in a few days," will suffice. Do SOMETHING to let me know you received my email.

2. When someone walks into a overly crowded yoga class TEN MINUTES LATE and insists on finding a spot for her mat even though there, um, isn't one. She usually doesn't even give the pathetic, but effective Will you please scoot over? eyes. She'll just shimmy her way perfectly into place, and now YOU are stuck for the rest of the class smacking the person next to you in the face. 

3. Idiots at the Post Office. I will never ever go to the Post Office without reading material again! Yesterday I was in line for 45 minutes because so many morons didn't know how to mail their packages. One girl didn't even write the address on hers! What, you want the post man to GUESS where it's going? She went up to the counter eight times before she finally got it right. I counted. 

4. Name dropping. It doesn't impress me. What else you got? Well, that's a lie, it depends on what names you are dropping. If you're gonna do it, make it GOOD. 

5. Guys on the subway who sprawl their legs out. And take up two seats when other people, even pregnant women, are standing. Dude, I know you think you look chill and cool and oh trust me, you do, but it's inconsiderate. 

6. Rich people who look shiteous all the time. Ok, so you don't have style or class—pay someone who does to help you. Like that Vienna chick on The Bachelor who's "used to getting everything she wants?" Get a better weave, woman!

7. People who use Facebook to prove to the world they are. Shut up. I don't believe you.

8. People who WANT you to hear their conversation. There have been many times when Liza and I have been at a restaurant, and noticed that the girls next to us started talking louder...and LOUDER as soon as we sit down. And they're cussing and talking about who they hooked up with the night before. Ew

9. Guys who diss you in a lame attempt to strike up conversation. Like, "Man, you looked pissed!" A guy said that to me the other week when I went to get a drink at the bar. Granted, I probably did have my "serious" face on because I was by myself, waiting on my friends to arrive. The dude went on and on about how pissed I looked, and I could tell he thought he was being cute and clever. Hey Adam from California, you were neither. 

10. When someone asks for more than one tasting sample at Tasti-D-Lite. This happens every time I go. The sign says ONE, lady—stop holding up the line. Sure, in a perfect world I would hop over the counter and stick my mouth under the machine and pour as much cool, creamy, froyo into my mouth as I wanted. But I don't. Why? Because I follow the rules.

Ahh, I'm feeling better already. What about you: What are your pet peeves?


  1. hai happy new year, nice to meet u, u hv a great blog here ;-)

  2. Thanks, Yoga Tramp! (lol, love the name!) Just took a peek at your do a mean Pigeon pose!!

  3. I think you just invaded my brain. I get annoyed by every single thing you just said. And to add one, and I just HATE when people take forever at the pharmacy just to ask question after question.

    I also suggest finding a small, less franchise operated Tasti-D where the nice guys give you extra samples because he knows what you always manage to forget what brownie batter and Oreos & cream taste like.

  4. I get that "you must be angry" thing all of the time. I have had guys in bars tell me, "You are so serious," which I think is code for, "Why didn't you start to smile and drool and take your top off when I sat next to you."

    If I am in a bar by myself waiting on friends I am usually unwinding mentally and emotionally so I can be charming for THE PEOPLE I LIKE!

    And I agree that it is rude when people come into fitness class late - and unhealthy. Dude, you are gonna pull something if you miss the first few minutes, so just stay outside and hop on a treadmill.


  5. Ahhhhh thank you for this opportunity to peeve.

    Mine is people who litter. I feel like picking it up and throwing it back at them. How can you just drop your garbage where you stand?

  6. Haha, Kelly, yes sometimes you DO need to be reminded of what the flavors taste like because sometimes you just don't know what you're in the mood for until you taste it!

    Shannon, you're so funny. I agree on all points :)

    I second that, Ola...esp living in NYC, the litter can get pretty darn disgusting!

  7. OMG nothing makes me more angry than when people take up more than 1 seat on the subway train! this may be a bit aggressive, but i seriously think that if you physically cannot fit into 1 seat (because you feel the need to sprawl your legs out, you're wearing the puffiest coat known to man, you could very possibly be rejected from the biggest loser for being too big, or you felt the need to bring 25 bags with you on the 9am 6 train) you should have to stand. or take another form of transportation.

    i also get SO frustrated when people don't offer up their seats to the elderly and young children. i can honestly say that i have never occupied a seat on the train while there was someone over the age of 70 or under the age of 10 standing. in fact, on numerous occasions i've given up my seat to a little kid while a perfectly healthy, 20-something guy sat next to me...

  8. Ellen, you probably already know this about me, but my biggest pet peeve is people who pop their gum or chomp on it loudly. It drives me crazy and it is so tacky!

    Also lately, I get really annoyed when people check their phones during movies and the screens light up for everyone to see. If there is something so urgent going on in your life, step outside!

    Great post Ellen! : )

  9. LOL, Sara...aggressive, but true. I TOTALLY agree. On occasion, I'm a "bag lady" culprit, but usually not right in the middle of rush hour!

    Thanks, Lals. I thought you hated when people chomped on ice?? Same thing I guess. I have to admit, I'm guilty of doing that AND checking my phone...multiple times..during a movie! It's never over something important either, I just want to know if anyone's called. Oops!

  10. ARE YOU FLIPPING SERIOUS about those people that intent to sample EVERY flavor?!??! lol!

    hmmm. love this post. i hate the post office too. HATE HATE HATE.
    i really hate girls that want to show off how STRONG they are and how they are pretty but get along with guys- this chick at my work BURPS LIKE A BEAST randomly in the office and laughs it off coz she's COOL. hey, you missed the memo that it's GROSS!
    never got hit on in a bar, so that's out.
    i hate people that NEED TO BUY THEIR 56 oz jar of CHEEZE BALLS at Walgreens that they stand RIGHT BEHIND me when i'm buying my shit so much so i can feel their breath on me. STAND AWAY FROM ME!
    and yeah, bum knee! i totally work through pain. LOL!

  11. Haha! Loved the list! I think one of my biggest pet peeves is people who put themselves down just so you can bring them up. Like when an obviously skinny person says I am so fat...just so you can say no you're not! Ugh! I hate go fishing for compliments! SERIOUSLY!?!

  12. I love this post. I totally agree with the first one. I mean that is so inconsiderate, its like they feel they are too good to write back or something. One of my pet peeves are rude drivers. You know the ones that feel they can cut you off or ride on your bumper until you get out the way. I can't stand that!

  13. Haha, I'm SO with you, Trayn! I hate when girls burp and fart (yes, fart) just to be cool with the guys. YUCK!!!

    I hate that, too MHP. When I can tell someone is fishing for a compliment, I try hard not to give them one unless they keep pushing the issue. Sometimes giving one is the only thing that will shut them up! Ha, I'm terrible!

    Luckily, I rarely have to drive since I live in NYC, Monique, but I do get crazy road rage when I do! People are just rude, you're right.

  14. ooh, i HATE people who litter!!!

    i feel bad about not responding to emails--i'm totally guilty of it! most of the time i just want to think thru a response, and then life gets in the way and i end up forgetting. or i'll get an email while i'm in the middle of something else and it doesn't even register. i'm sorry if i ever did this to you...i will try to be better about it!

    speaking of vienna:

    why didn't she just ask her dad for new boobs? they seem creepy-close like that.

  15. Whoa, The, you're totally blowing up the blog today and I kind of love it. No worries on the email really aren't bad about it. You always have a way of making up for it, even if you respond late or whatever, you never go MIA. I'm sure I do it, too. Vienna is such a skank...have you seen her ginormous tattoo?!

  16. Ooh, totally agree on the facebook one! I can't stand the melodramatic bi-polar status updates. Monday: I HATE my JOB! Tuesday: I LOVE LIFE!
    Wednesday: Men SUCK and I HATE all of them. Thursday: I have the BEST bf in the world!!! Friday: blah blah blah no one cares anymore!

    (Direct quotes from one of my 'FB friends' who I can't de-friend b/c she's a relative. :) Oh, and people who are REALLY loud.

  17. Haha, I identify with all of these. Can't believe I didn't get around to reading your blog for so many weeks. You're hilarious. Have you thought about asking for a blog on Glamour? Because I think you're way funnier and relevant (yes that *is* the word I want) than any of those writers there.

  18. Footloose, I'm blushing. Really, you're too kind. To answer your question, YES, I have asked, but no response...yet. It's all good ;)