Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like...

home. Yesterday, I had my Wizard of Oz shoes on, only they didn't have the magical powers of transporting me home to Kentucky with a click, click, click of the heels. (Actually, they are Liza's Miu Miu flats from Milan, but whateves. Dorothy would totally rock them.)

Ahh, Kentucky. Rolling hills, smiling neighbors, no one's a stranger, horses. Damnit, I take those horses for granted. It is so green there--it's beautiful. The closest resemblance of home I have in New York is Central Park, and man, that really just doesn't cut it most of the time.

I miss driving, and old friends and chain restaurants and $6 movie tickets, and yes, even the 'burbs. And have you ever tried beer cheese? Or Graeter's ice cream? Or a Kentucky Hot Brown? Yummm. I usually gain a few lbs. when I'm home, but it's always worth it. There really is no place like home.

Tell me: Where are you from? Do you ever miss home, too?


  1. Aw! My old KY home! I miss it too! What about Ale 8's and bourbon? Two great Kentucky faves, for sure. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  2. Graeter's!!!

    I worked in Kentucky for a summer and all my friends there were obsessed with Graeter's. I never actually got to experience it, unfortunately.

    And I miss Minnesota all the time! There are NO lakes in central Pennsylvania, nobody goes sailing, no cute lumberjack types from the northwoods, no one else saying their "O"s funny like I do... hehe.

  3. I'm from a small fishing village - it's only 45 minutes from where I live in the city now, so no biggie when I have the time to take a drive, but I miss the day-to-day of a rural home. The air was always fresh, I could walk in the middle of the street if I wanted because there was no traffic and best of all.....it took me all of ten minutes to get back in the woods where there are no houses, cars, etc....instant retreat.

  4. I'm from Bournemouth which is only a mile or so away. Half the family are from the midlands and the other half from Germany and so poor little old me is the only southern UKer! It's very quiet near the beach which is great most of the time but I love the beat of the big cities, never been to New York, would love to and maybe will this year!

  5. CUTE SHOES!!! Love those! I am from Austin, Texas and I still live there. I am about 10 minutes from both my parents...what can I say...I like being close to home! :)

  6. Having lived in 6 different states, my definition of home is pretty loose. I have been to Lex only two times since '99, but I did marvel at how pretty and green it was there. I brought some Ale 8 back with me after the reunion last Fall.

    I do love those shoes and own multiple pair of red shoes. Red shoes are my weakness. Peep toes, flats, mary jane, patent leather, satin...you name it.


  7. Ohh yes, Ale 8! How could I have forgotten. Bourbon, eh, I'm a vodka girl :)

    Rachel, you MUST have a Graeter's experience! It originated in Ohio, I believe. It's the only ice cream I can eat and not feel guilty about. it's THAT good. It was my first job when I was in high school, too :)

    Kim, where are you from? That sounds so nice and peaceful...wish I had a place like that to escape to every now and then!

    Gary, you MUST experience NYC! Just do it, you won't regret it!

    MHP, I wish I was closer to my fam, mainly my mom. At least once (not *if*) I'm rich, I'll be able to fly her to NYC whenever she wants to come visit!

    I agree,SCS, I love red shoes. They can totally pump up an "eh" outfit. Yesterday I just had on a navy sweater and boyfriend jeans, but I felt oh-so-cute in my red Mary Jane flats!

  8. Hey girl thanks for stopping by my blog!! Come back anytime!!

    I can imagine NYC is completely & utterly different from Kentucky. NYC is like no other place. I live about 20 minutes outside of NYC & even when I go into the city it makes me miss home. hehe. Cute shoes!!

  9. I don't know how you guys do it. After the drive into any city, I'm usually ready to turn around and go home as fast as possible. Where we are right now is my favorite place ever. Close to the things you need, but surrounded by lakes, trees, and quiet.

  10. I'm a Canuck - I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but grew up near Peggy's Cove (google it if you've never heard of it - it's a Canadian tourist trap!)

  11. Dorothy would have killed it in those fabulous shoes! LOVE!

  12. 1089 Lakewood Drive... ring any bells???? I haven't had beer cheese in forever!!!

  13. I'm grew up in a small town in PA and I miss many of the things you mentioned - driving, chain restaurants (haha, even the unhealthy ones!), cheap prices, a short commute, FAMILY. Le sigh. But I guess NYC does have a lot going for it :-)

  14. Yes, Melanie, KY and NYC are quite different! I guess I wouldn't appreciate my hometown so much if they weren't.

    G, I honestly don't know how I do it either sometimes. Weekly, sometimes daily pep talks are required: "It'll be worth it one day...it WILL be worth it..."

    Kim, I'm Googling Peggy's Grove right now—my geography is TERRIBLE! That's cool you found me though. I like having blogging buddies from all over :)

    Totally agree, Kristin, although Dorth couldn't rock them better than me, RIGHT?!

    Lauren, when's the last time you were in Lex? Holy cow, I just remembered we used to act out scens from The Wizard of Oz when we were little. Remember, your front yard was the 'yellow brick road!" lol

    At least you're not too too far from home, Runner's Kitchen! How often do you go home to escape the big, bad city?

  15. I am a KY girl & reading your post made me miss home so much! Living in CO now. They actually sell Graeter's Ice Cream in our grocery store out here! Um, yes please!

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