Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Models+Macaroni

Those are two words I bet ya don't see paired together often. Yesterday I went to a preview show for the Falls 2010 fall collection at Soho House. I walked into the room and BAM! more models! It's Fashion Week, so I guess I should just get used to it. Sigh. I fell in love with the collection—it has a goth edge, which I was totally into.

The models had their serious faces DOWN. And I thought I was a pro!

I'm not quite sure where you'd wear an outfit like this, but I was drawn to it. Over the knee tights are totally in, but I don't think I could pull 'em off—they'd be up past my thighs!

I'm calling the middle model's look Prairie Girl Hippie Chic--WWYCI? Love the braids, too!

I like the contrast of the thick knit sweater and stripes paired with a feminine blouse. Muy cool.

As I looked at each model, I found a new favorite outfit every time. They really knew how to work it out and sell what they were wearing, in a subtle way. I couldn't really see what the girl in the back had on, but her afro was fierce!

This see through top was one of my favorite pieces. The strong shoulders and pockets added a edgy element to an otherwise classic look.

Pretty prints!

If I had to pick one, I'd say this dress was my favorite. Just check out the sexy back...

Hot right? Looks like someone does her lunges! Leave it to me to round out your day with a piece of ass after a long week ;) TGIF!

Later on I met my boyfriend and a few of his pals at Brinkley's in SoHo. The bartender kept luring us with FREE bowls of popcorn, pita chips and yummy deviled eggs, so we ended up staying longer than we had originally planned. I was starting to get full from all the snacks, so I just ordered a pear/goat cheese salad and my bf got a bowl of macaroni. Mmm. After seeing all those slim models, you'd think I'd refuse participation in something so cheesy and gooey, but it looked too good to resist. I just had one bite though. Really.

Well I hope everyone has an awesome Valentine's Day weekend that's filled with booze, chocolate, love and/or one-night stands. Keep checking back for updates on my weekend. I'll be baking, cooking and boozin'. And I just might have a V-Day treat for YOU, too ;)

So tell me: What was your favorite outfit of the bunch? And what's your favorite comfort food. I want more mac 'n' cheese, please!


  1. I really liked the see through top, it has just the right amount of see throughness (sorry I know that's not a word) Also loved the gray and black dress with the sexy back. That was really nice. Not sure if I could pull it off but it's fabulous anyway. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the printed dress. So pretty... I like a lot of the outfits though! Mac-n-cheese and pizza are my comfort foods. That mac looks amazing! :)

  3. i love over the knee socks and short skirts!! so cute. its like slutty school girl except fashionable lol but my favorite comfort food like oatmeal with pb and lots of toppings! have a great day:)