Monday, February 8, 2010

Torturing myself with models...AGAIN

Only this time, I focused a little more on the men. That's right, ladies! When my friend Virginia invited me to a model casting at the Hudson Hotel for Fashion Week I jumped at the chance. It's one thing to see models sucking down vodka drinks at a party, but it's quite another to see the actual casting process go down!

ACW, the company she works for, held their casting for a bunch of awesome shows such as Lacoste, Rebecca Taylor and Zac Posen. Umm hello, if you want to walk your pretty little self down one of those runways you better BRING.IT. Some did, some didn't--at least in my opinion, but what the heck do I really know? It was so interesting to see how quickly the casting director went through the models. Here's what happened: He told each one to walk for him; asked them where they're from; said thanks and that was it. Holy cow, I don't think I could handle having only 30 seconds to sell myself! Hmm, actually that might be a good thing because sometimes I tend to ramble. An.y.way. Check it out for yourself below!

Who's digging red sweater guy? Yeah, I caught him at the end, damn.  And the long-haired dude?  I am, I am! Yes, PLEASE! Sorry my video skills are so shitty. You'll witness more of that below—it's something I definitely need to work on!

After scoping out the models for a while, I got Virginia to do an interview about what to wear during Fashion Week. Trust me, I took notes!


Right, I'm pretty sure I'm one of those girls who looks like she can't walk in heels! I can, I can, it's just that I get a bit wobbly when I'm wearing shoes that are a little too big because my heel slips out. Note to self: Invest in heel pads for Fashion Week! And doesn't V look like she should be one of the models? Um, yeah. And I love how she's rocking a blazer by Alex Wang like it ain't no thang. Sure, you could say I'm a little jealous right now. Oh, and did anyone notice homeboy in the background? Yeah, that's right, FnF can make you famous! Hun, if the modeling thing doesn't work out, you know who to call.

So tell me: Who's your favorite model past or present? I had a thing for Helena Christensen and Linda Evangelista back in the day. These days I'd say Gemma Ward. 


  1. The red sweater guy was very "Tyson esque" looking

  2. not forget that you do have alot going for you. Nevermind the job thing, you are getting awesome life experiences! You can't buy that!!!!!

    The job will come...this I am sure:)

    Oh..planning a trip ti NYC in Aug. My first, so any affordable awesome advice appreciated.


  3. I liked how you captured how uncomfortable/unsure the last girl was waiting to hand over her folder to the casting guy before doing her walk.

    I covet your friend Virginia's jacket.

  4. Sarah, I thought the same thing! Tyson look-alikes=yummy.

    Thanks, B, REALLY appreciating those encouraging words right now! Seriously, more than ever. Shoot me an email and let me know what kind of stuff you're looking for in regards of restaurants and anything else you want to do in the city—I'd be happy to help!!

    YES, Shannon! I was totally going to call that poor girl out, but I decided not to. She needed to be FIERCE, but she was giving off a sunshine and rainbows vibe. I can't even imagine how nerve-racking that would be, but gotta work it out when the moment calls for it!