Saturday, February 6, 2010

Apartment envy—I've got it

Yesterday I met Liza downtown at her market appointment to view the new fall Shipley and Halmos collection. I didn't want to interrupt, so I occupied myself by snapping pics of the A.MAZ.ING apartment while she did her thing. I would die to live and work in a place like this. Die.

Space—it's foreign to me. Liza and I are practically on top of each other (get your mind out of the gutter!) on a constant basis. 

Oh and yeah, the clothes were even more amazing. Cool blazers, slouchy trousers, cardis and oversized tees, with splashes of artistic prints—it was hard to pick a favorite piece. The knitwear really caught my eye though. It's rare to find a sweater that's chic and cozy, but S&H got it just right.

I know nothing about artwork, but I was in awe of everything that was hanging on the walls. Who knew a binder clip could look so cool?!



We finished our cold PBRs and grabbed a fortune cookie on our way out. Mine read: "Your stylish haircut is not enough." Umm, well I don't even have a stylish haircut, so what the hell does that mean?!

Last but not least is Roscoe. He's the man of the house for sure. Apparently he sunk his teeth into of a very important editor's monkey fur coat just minutes before I arrived—I would have loved to witness that!

Check out Shipley and Halmos here. Like what you see? Of course you do.

Do you ever get apartment envy? Or house envy? Geeze, I feel like I'll be 40 years-old before I actually live in a house. That sounds SO grown-up!


  1. love them-- have you seen these photos:

    major crush on those dudes.

  2. I ALWAYS have house/apartment envy. I just love the whole decorating thing. Those paintings are awesome, esp. the dude.

  3. did you say monkey fur coat?!

  4. YES, monkey fur. I didn't even realize people wore it, but apparently the fashionably elite do. Kinda crazy. Does not sound appealing..

  5. where does a person find fortune cookies with fortunes like that? i think i need some.

  6. Shipley?!

    Blazers?! I must be distantly related to this person...

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. I know, I WISH I knew where they got those fortune cookies, Twenty. I would have asked if I had read my fortune before I left!

    Yes, Shannon u should really look into this...u could have a hookup for free clothing and not even know it!!!