Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello, my name is Rachel Green

Today I went to the hair salon right down the street from my apartment because I couldn't be bothered to trek downtown in the snow to my usual place. And the experience was, well, exactly what I had anticipated. The hairdresser was pushy pushy pushy. "Do you want me to put a gloss in your hair? It really needs it—it's so dry. What about highlights? It will make your hair look so much fuller, and have you thought about..." I cut her off and told her for the third time that I just.need.a.trim. Got it?

If someone gave me a nickel every time I was told I needed highlights to make my hair appear thicker, six months out of the year I'd be lounging on a private island somewhere far away while a hard-bodied man name Raoul fed me grapes. Don't insult the costumers—that's rule number one, asshole.

As she snipped away, she tried to entice me with all the wonderful and oh-so-necessary treatments she could do to my "flat" hair next time. A little premature, eh? By the end, I had a Rachel Green bouffant minus the frosty tips. I'm trying to tame it as we speak. 

So, has anyone else dealt with pushy hairdressers? How did you deal?


  1. Ellen, we need pictures of your new 'do! I really hate pushy hairdressers. They're the worst! I mean, you have to be nice; they're wielding scissors to your head and hair. Once, I ended up with a pixie-haircut (which I loved) but clown red hair. It was pretty awful. Needless to say, I went back the next day to have it tamed, but I had red hair for a while. Awkward.

  2. whoa, you're so brave to just walk into a place for a haircut!! I haven't gotten a chop since I moved to Chicago IN JULY because I'm too nervous to trust anyone but my LA stylist...crazy?

    and yes, pics please :)

  3. I love the Rachel Green comparison and it makes me really really really want to see your hair!! I know exactly what you mean about the bouffant-like volume - one walks away feeling distinctly like someone else! The girl who did my hair the last two times is really pushy. The first time I was feeling frumpy so she managed to sell me on Redken shamp/conditioner, but the seond time was really too much - "You should get highlights" No, can't afford it "Well I don't have to do too many. Oh and book three appointments now for a chance to win one". (

  4. Totally need pics! I've had more pushy hairdressers (and makeup artists...ahem, NARS lady at Saks) here in NYC than anywhere else. Thanks for the insults about how my "stringy", "thin and dull" hair doesn't work for you. It works for me, just cut it, woman! :)

  5. Thankfully, being a guy, the most that happens to me at the barbers is that the guy will ask politely "Would Sir like his eye brows trimmed?", or as in the past "beard trimmed Sir?"
    I think we chaps have it pretty easy when we go for a hair cut. When I wait for Amanda to finish having hers done sometimes, it is exactly as you describe. On top of that, a lot of the time it costs upwards of £80 to have what appears to be a wash, cut (which is no more than making snipping actions 2cm from the actual hair, and blow drying it into a form that disappears by the time we have had coffee.
    Love your blog by the way!

  6. thanks so much for commenting on my blog - i'm so glad to have discovered yours! i can't stand pushy hairdressers either - i'm incredibly picky about who i go to because i have very thick and curly hair (though i straighten it all the time). i always know exactly what i want when i go in, and i always tip well, so i hate it when they try to push the extras on me. hope you managed to tame your cut a bit! :)

    ps - i saw your last post, and i'm an nyc gal that is always up for free ice cream. :)

  7. Oh I love my hair dresser...she is the best! I am sorry you have a pushy one..maybe you should find a new one. They aren't all like that!:)

  8. I took a couple pics, but none of them captured the flippy-out thing/Rachel look I had going on, so I decided not to post. I'm feeling better about it's calmed down a bit. Let's just say I could have won a beauty pageant with the 'do I was rocking yesterday!

  9. I am a whore with my hair - I see whichever stylist is free at the "new talent" salon when I need a cut. And actually, the last time I asked someone about color ("I haven't colored my hair in over a year, should I") he said, "Meh, no need. Wait until you have some grays. Save the money."

    I thought that was an awesome response. Then he sold me some expensive shampoo...wait, it was all part of his evil plan.

    Today I just went to Ulta and bought some close-out semi-permanent hair color because frankly I do want to go darker again. I am out $7.50 if I don't like it.