Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bring it on Blizzard of 2010!

I survived the Blizzard of '09 when I was in D.C. in December, so this little flurry that's happening right now in NYC ain't nuthin'.  People get their panties in a twist when it snows in the city, but I don't mind it—I'd take snow over rain ANY day. Umm, am I really writing about the weather right now?! Guess so. Deal with it.

Liza's office was closed today, so we've had a fun little day together. We haven't really done anything, and I haven't gotten as much accomplished as usual with her here, but it's such a treat to have human contact during the day, so I'm not complaining.

This is the view right outside the front door of my apartment building. Looks kinda purty, huh?

I'm good to GO in my puffer jacket. It's not incredibly fashionable, but it does the job better than anything else I've got. Isn't my H&M knit hat cute though? 

Liza went sporty in her L.L.Bean boots, baseball cap and hoodie. 

I never miss a chance to do a little shameless blog plugging!

Snow days kinda rock. It's ridiculous how happy they made me when I was little. Although, there were several times when my mom drove us to school when it was actually cancelled because she didn't look at the weather channel. Yup, that's pretty standard for our fam!

Did anyone else have a snow day today? What did you do? And how do you stay stylish when it's cold and icky out? 


  1. It's just sleeting here in Austin, which freaks the city out.

    My uncles lives in MD and they are getting hit hard. Nope, I'll take rain over snow anyday!


  2. Liza is too cute!!! What a fun snow day!!

  3. Welcome to Atlanta where life goes

  4. i ate two chinese food lunch specials. i hate myself.

  5. I love that you wrote your blog name in the snow! I did almost the same thing here (but in ice) when we had that really cold spell last month! Too cute! :)

  6. Yeah, Berryfine, NYC NEVER shuts down for least not in the five and a half years I've lived here. It was a nice surprise—everything's quieter when it snows and people aren't rushing off to work.

    Thea, you are a champion? What did you get?! Gym date soon?

    Hey Gingersnap! I was wondering when someone was going to comment about me writing in the snow!

  7. I am going on Day 4 of snow days in DC! I am going totally stir crazy! Even the movie theater was closed yesterday! I am hoping today I can get out and walk around a bit and hit up the movie theater!(And see your boy Channing Tatum!)

  8. My office is closed and I am here anyway! That's how stir crazy I was going. I was actually tired of my new puppy too, and think she will be glad we left to give her a break too!

  9. Geeze, I feel for you DC gals, it just seems NUTS there! We got it for 24 hours and now the sun is out, melting all the snow :) And yes, Lalla, Channing will be just the boost you need. His shirt is off for at least 50% of the movie. Enjoy.

  10. WOW...Real snow!....We had snow in the UK a few weeks ago, and not much at all here in the south, not even enough to make a decent snowman! I love your blogger name on the car, anarchy rules!

  11. Apparently I'm a little behind on my reading but I totally took a picture of my own blog plugging snow art! :)