Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's the most expensive thing in your closet?

I was looking for something to wear to an event last week when I started cursing quite loudly that I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR! Liza: "Keep it down, the neighbors will think you're crazy." I DON'T CARE—THIS SUCKS! And then...I stumbled upon this plaid cropped Anna Sui blazer.

Cute, right? I got it last year at Macy's marked down from $310 to $80, and I had a $20 gift card. Score! I never ever find good deals—it was a new feeling. I think this piece might be the most expensive thing I have in my closet (not including the discount, that is.) I used to impulse buy like crazy, but not anymore. If I'm not sure whether or not I really like something, I won't get it. I can't afford to shop much these days anyway, so it's really not hard to resist temptations.

And these Miu Miu wedges are probably the most expensive shoes I own, but I got them for FREE. Liza got them for me during one of her trips to Milan for Fashion Week. Life is tough, I know. 

Tell me: What's the most expensive thing in your closet? Also, what do you refuse to splurge on?


  1. Hmmm...if we get to use the pre-discount price, it would be a Marc Jacobs pink par-tay dress. It was $388 but I got it for $50. Woohoo!

  2. I have a $1400 stole that cost me $400.

    My mother was with me when I bought it. She said she was "so proud of me." She used a tone of voice that showed more awe and pride than when I graduated from law school or passed the bar.

    Woman loves a good deal.


  3. I'm not sure if you want a guys opinion on this but I have a £300.00 ($457.00) black cashmire/wool coat. Amanda bought it for me at Christmas and it got it's first airing on our visit to The Ritz.
    A Great Blog by the way!!

  4. The most expensive thing I own is a pair of Seven Jeans. They were $120 and I LOVE them but my husband almost had a heart attack when he found out I spent over $100 on blue jeans! haha! Other than that the most expensive thing I have are my running shoes...they run me about $95 a pair and I always have about 5 going at one time!

  5. Ok, CORRECTION: The Marc Jacobs coat my bf bought me for my first Christmas present is by far the most expensive thing in my closet. ($700!!!) He just sent me an email to remind me of that :)

  6. I got a Burberry blazer from work the other day so that takes the cake. I do have a pair of Isaac Mizrahi pumps (and not from Target!!) I'll take those with me until I can't walk anymore. They've been to the cobbler more times than I can count.

  7. hmmmm most expensive item in my closet.... Lord lol can we do items? I'm so small I have to wear expensive jeans (They are the only ones that seem to fit lol) Sooooo We'll go down the list...
    -true religions
    -Rock N Republics
    -Antique Denim
    -some seven's but they don't count lol (TJ MAXX!)

    My heels
    A ridiculous list (Every girl loves her shoes)

    Purses... I have a thing for Michael Kors!

    But the top priced item would be my Louis that I got from the thrift store... HAD A NORDSTROMS RECIEPT OF 1500.00 inside!!! and I've exchanged and upgraded it about 5 times or so lol

  8. My most expensive own is my Yves Saint Laurent Pump $795. I brought it 5 yrs ago!!


  9. Not to be a total stalker but Kara, didn't you wear Giuseppe Zanotti shoes at your wedding?

    (Context: It was 2006, and you were talking about how your friends were totally stealing the theme to your wedding and not fessing to it. Then we started talking about what you wore.)

    Anywho, GZ totally trumps MJ.

    Also: High five, Luke! That's a damn generous present!

  10. LOVE the cropped blazer! Super cute and you could wear it dressed up or down. And those wedges...gratuit? Mon Dieu! Envy lives here.

    My most expensize clothing is probably my lululemon athletic wear, believe it or not. I just finished university a year ago so trying to pull myself out of poor-ville. I did recently buy Frye boots (Melissa Button style in cognac). They were $450 Canadian in stores but I got them for $240 Canadian. I'm. In. Love

  11. Using the pre-discount price, mine would be my Theory winter coat ($850), which I got at a sample sale for about 1/4 of that. Isn't it great how getting a discount on a piece of clothing makes you want to brag about that piece?

  12. Thea, you're totally right! The shoes would definitely be the most expensive item, and I even paid full price, which I never do :)