Friday, February 12, 2010


That's what I wanted to say to a personal trainer at the gym yesterday who was waaay too much in my face. Ugh, so I know times are tough right now (trust me, I know), but there's a way to do your job without totally invading someone's personal space and making them feel utterly uncomfortable.

So, yesterday morning I took my favorite spinning class, and then I did the Stair Master for a bit, and then some glute work. And then, just for the hell of it, I decided to do a few reps on a machine to work my arms and lats. That's when the trainer POUNCED. Lord only knows how long he had been scoping me out, waiting for that opportunity.

He walks up to me and corrects my form. That's nice of him, I thought. But he doesn't leave, he just stands there (way too closely I might add) for what feels like eternity just staring at me. And then, he busts out with, "So, have you ever done personal training at the gym before?" I said, "Yeah, just for a week one time." Annoying trainer dude: "How'd you like it?" Me: "Um, it was fine." Ok, so everyone knows what the word FINE means. What I really wanted to say was, "Yes I have had a personal trainer at this gym before. He didn't listen to me, touched me way too much and exclaimed, "You don't have too much to lose, maybe seven or eight pounds!" upon grabbing my tummy. And he smooched 60-something year-old gym goers on the lips during our sessions. Ew.

Not letting me throw him off course, he asks, "So you want me to go through all the machines with you now?" Ok, let's use some common sense here buddy. People who wake up at 6am to work out usually have somewhere to be or something to do later on in the morning. "Umm, no I don't have time, but thanks. Thanks for all your help." Did he follow my exit cue? Of course not.

To make a long story short, he continued to coach me through my reps, instructing me on how to breathe, until I finally just hopped off the machine and said I was done. I cannot stand pushy people. If you work in any type of sales, you have to be able to read people. If a girl looks uncomfortable and is rolling her eyes as you try to help her, it might be time to back.the.EFF.up.dude.

I could go on about this forever, but you tell me: Have you ever had to deal with a pushy trainer at the gym? How did you handle it?


  1. Ellen~

    Ick! There is nothing worse than a pushy gym trainer. Best way to get them off your back and say you have a trainer outside of the gym.

    Great workout though. Spin is one of my favorite cardio workouts:)


  2. SORRY YOU GOT harassed by a cpt! THAT"S Horrible. one time i actually signed up for free personal training (i got it for a race i ran..and yes, i was certified already) and the dude totally was flirting with me the whole time while i was like uhhhh, let's focus on the shit we're doing?
    i don't do this type of thing at my gym. my boss says i should try to network, but Hey, if i'm working out i sure as hell don't want people to bug me!

    yay for lifting! still doin man makers?

  3. Good call, B, I'll totally try that next time! And yes, I love spinning, but sometimes I have a hard time pushing myself if the instructor isn't really hardcore. Any tips on how to get a great spinning workout in even if the instructor isn't motivating?

    Yep, Trayn, still doing man makers. I have to wait at least a few days in between bc I'm always so sore afterwards! At least it's working...I HOPE!!

  4. Ellen~

    Music is what motivates me in spin so if it sucks then I'm praying for class to end. I try to stick to certain instructors who play great music while being challenging.

    Oy..Man Makers...yuck:)

  5. YAY IT"S WORKING! (we hope). thrusters are a front squat to a press. i'll demo it soon.
    rowing- hate it because it gets me REALLY winded when i do it. i can run more than i can row.
    it's the kickin' your heart rate up and down.=D
    let me know how everything else goes, kay? or i'll devise a new plan for you hahha.

  6. Ohmygosh that's my favorite game to play at the gym! (Sorry you had such a horrible experience.) I wait for the trainers to "pounce" on me because heaven-forbid there's a woman in the weight room - she must have NO idea what she's doing! When they do approach I question them endlessly on why they recommend that over this etc., until I happen to mention that I'm an ACSM certified personal trainer! Their faces are priceless. :)

  7. Ohh FitChic, I'd love to see their faces! Yeah and another annoying thing the guy said was (after I denied him on his offer to "check out the other machines" with him), "So what do you like to do for exercise? Are you just playing?" I almost lost it there. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. Maybe it is random to just do ONE arm machine, but I felt like it damnit! I actually think the main problem with my first trainer was that I wasn't his typical, out of shape, clueless client. (SOME) trainers have real ego issues!!

  8. At my old gym, a trainer approached me about ten seconds after I heard him tell another client: "When you work out, your muscles squeeze fat out of them. So then you have all this fat pooled on top of your muscles, and you need to drink water to wash it away." Um?

    I tried the polite brush-off too, but when he didn't get the hint, I actually put my headphones in mid-sentence. I know that's kinda rude, but I figured, so is interrupting my workout to sell me something when I'm clearly not interested.