Thursday, February 4, 2010

I crossed over to the dark side—I'm a blonde!

Heya! I had so much fun at my mini photo shoot today! Modeling ain't easy though, I tell ya. It's hard getting a great shot because everything has to be on point all at the same time—facial expression, angle, hair, EVERYTHING! And yep, the cam totally does add on the lbs. I'll definitely be more sensitive the next time I diss a celeb for looking a little chubby. Luckily, I wasn't doing full body—I'd need months to prepare for something like that! An.y.way. Check out my vid below!
Whataya think of my blonde wig? It was fun to try out, but I certainly don't think it was my best look. Plus, you know how I feel about blondes ;) I wish my hair was shiny and thick like that in real life though, ugh! Ohh and I totally mispronounced the designer of that headband. Twice. Just fyi, it's Colette Malouf. So cute, right?

So tell me: If you could change your hair color or style, what would you do?


  1. Great video again! I can't wait to see the photos!

    I love Kate Walsh hair color/style but I really don't think it would look good on me though!

  2. I love your video! I can't wait to see the photos & the new site.

    If I changed my hair color I would go, chocolately brown.

  3. i love when you do the airguns--you look totally profesh.

    obsessed w/ the cm rabbit marc jacobs/louis vuitton/madonna! diggin' it so much!!

  4. Airguns, haha I didn't even realize! Yes, I LOVED those rabbit ears. I hated when Madonna did it though...I think it was at a Met Gala or something, right? I might have liked it more if she didn't wear over-the-knee patent leather boots, too. ack.

    Ohh, Kate Walsh DOES have such pretty hair...go for it!I dyed my hair with red Kool-Aid when I was in 6th grade...that's the closest to a redhead that I've ever gotten!

    Rachel, choclatey brown...DO IT. It's winter, the perfect time to go richer!

  5. You are adorable!

    If Kim Kardashian can go blond...anyone can:)

  6. Such a coincidence! I JUST dyed my hair dark, dark brown yesterday! I’ve been a blonde my entire life and decided it was time for a change… one of the riskiest moves I've made in years!