Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guys spill: What to wear on a first date

Even though I had my last first date about four years ago, I know a lot of girls stress about this. First impressions are important, and sometimes it's hard to know what look to go for: sexy, casual, trendy, cute? So, I tapped my guy buds for advice and turned to Alexa Chung to illustrate what I would wear for the occasion. (In my dreams, that is. I love her style). 

"You can't go wrong with jeans and a nice top, like one you'd go out on the town in. It's my personal favorite, and most likely the overwhelming consensus for dudes everywhere." 
—Ryan, Washington, D.C.

The perfect "let's grab drinks" outfit. 

"I like when they don't wear anything at all." —Drew, Athens, GA (Geeze, thanks for the insight, Drew!)

"For winter, jeans and boots with a fun sweater or jacket is the way to go. It's important that she looks cute and takes pride in how she presents herself." —Jason, Indianapolis, IN

Keep it cool 'n' casual for a coffee date.

"A first date should be casual—any type of formality takes away from getting to know the person. Jeans and a T-shirt is hot." —Mark, NYC 

Totally cute for a movies+dinner date.

"Women should wear a smile." —Michael, Toronto, ON 

"I like girls to keep it casual. Anything super-dressy on a first date would scream high-maintenance!" —Bull, Lexington, KY

Laid back with an edge—perfect for lunching! 

"I like it when they wear flannel and Red Wing boots with a five-inch heel and pick me up on a motorcycle!" —Skooly, Lexington, KY 

"I've always been a fan of the natural look. I don't like a lot of makeup. I want her to be put together, but not look like she spent four hours getting ready. I mean, if we're going bowling and she shows up in an evening gown, that'd probably be a deal breaker for me. I can't tell a Manolo from a Fendi, and Mrs. Prada herself could walk up to me and slap me in the face and I'd have no clue who she was!" —Michael, Washington, D.C.

Ok, so some answers were more helpful than others, but what did we learn here? Guys are pretty easy to please. What do you typically wear on a first date? Is this something that stresses you out?


  1. First those! haha! I think on the first date with my now husband I wore jeans and a cute top. Nothing fancy but something that me feel good about myself. When you feel like you look good it makes you more confident and you are more apt to enjoy the date! Have fun!!

  2. This might be the cutest thing I've ever heard: "Women should wear a smile." —Michael, Toronto, ON

  3. I seriously almost called you and Liza last Friday! I was wishing I had your closet and fashion sense. I was feeling so blah about all of my options and it was pouring down snow, which clearly never happens here.

  4. On a completely unrelated note, I saw this article about parsnips today and it made me think of our discussion. She likes to roast them as well:

  5. Yeah, MHP, you really can't go wrong with jeans and a cute top. And heels! I used to wear heels SO much more when I first started dating my bf than I do now. I'm trying to get back into it...flat boots are cute, but not so sexy :)

    I know, Patty, that was my favorite one, too!

    Al, what did you end up wearing? You always look good! And HOW was the date???

    Thanks, FitChic, I just might give parsnips a try! You know I'll blog about it when I do :)

  6. just rock your style, its more about attitude/chemistry than what you're wearing.