Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mad Boy I'll Blow Your Blues Away. Be Mine

Hey guys! Here's the movie my Godfather, Adam, directed that won an award in the short film category at the Sundance Film Festival about 13 years ago. I remember going to the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington to see it; I was so proud and impressed. Check it out and let me know whatcha think!

Ahh young love. Can anyone relate to the film? I definitely can. Remember
this post I wrote about my high school crush? Umm yeah, I was a pyscho!


  1. I loved it!!! So sweet : )

    Ahhhh the fashion of the 90's. Long skirt with a little vest! hahaha
    So refreshing to see kids being kids. These days, girls rock little minis and have more eye make up than I do!

  2. Haha, so true, Marina! Young girls TOTALLY scare me these days...they are so mature!