Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg risks his left index finger for New Yorkers on Groundhog Day: "It's just a part of being a full-service Mayor."

Wow, I've had such a fun day! I went to the press conference for Job Hunt this afternoon where Mayor Bloomberg announced the premiere of the show tonight. It was an intimate gathering, so I felt pretty cool to be invited. Just another day in life, right?!

Check out the vid below for the Mayor's story on how he risked his left index finger for all of us last year on Groundhog Day—now that's dedication. 


I also asked the Mayor for his advice on my current unemployed sitch, but you'll have to check back later in the week to hear his response. He was super-cool, and stopped to take a few pics with me even though he was rushing off to his next appointment! Geeze, I'm starting to feel guilty that I blamed him for the fact that NYC is trying to turn me into a cupcake-gorging fat ass in this post. (Insert foot in mouth). I take it all back.

Ok, I'm off to yoga class—I need to hurry back so I can watch Job Hunt at 9pm!!!

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