Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Friday night: Wii baseball+vodka+spanakopita

Last night I went to Tiffany's new apartment in Fort Greene for a little housewarming party. There was promise of booze, yummy food and a Wii competition, all of which I was mucho excited about except the latter—I'm not exactly a gamer. 

Look at this delicious spread: Flatbread w/ mushroom and sausage, lemon hummus, shrimp cocktail and spanakopita. 

I'm Greek, and I've never even attempted to make spanakopita in my life. Thanks for showing me up, Tiff. 

We had an apple tarte for dessert—fancy schmancy! 

Topped with a scoop of Haagen Dazs brown sugar ice cream—yumm! The food was so good, but I didn't totally pig out, which was out of character for me. I put more focus on my bev consumption: a couple glasses of champers, one glass of vino and too many glasses of vodka/Crystal Lite.

Liza and Joyann were cracking me up. I caught them investigating each other's non-existent forehead wrinkles and discussing if and when they should get Botox.

Well, well, well, looks like someone else got their hair did yesterday, too. Lookin' hott, Rocks!

Look at his adorable doggie bed! But, um, why is it PINK?!

I love Tiff's taste—it's super-girlie without being obnoxious, which is hard to achieve.

I have a similar perfume/brush set. What's your favorite scent? I'm a Marc Jacobs gal.

Hello, Blondie! Isn't Jenn's new hair color AWESOME? I mean, seriously, J—only you could look that good going from black to blonde. Lord. Oh, and this is Cory. Fun fact: He plays the lead as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys. Well hello, Mr. Talented! 

Lacey kicked my ass in Wii baseball—it's so freakin' HARD! I swung either too soon or too late—how the heck do you get the timing down? I guess the booze didn't help my performance much.

So yeah, Wii, let's add that to my list of things I suck at. At least I looked good doing it ;)

I had a really fun night—it was like a sleepover without the prank calling, piles of candy and sleeping over part. What are you favorite sleepover memories? 

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  1. I played Wii for the first time at a party Saturday night. I immediately called the BF to tell him I wanted one. I enjoyed the sword-play games on whatever disk we were using.

    Now old-school Super Mario...that is something I suck at.