Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you drink or eat your calories?

If I had to choose between a slice of pizza or a glass of white, I'm going for the pizza 99.9 percent of the time. I'm all or nothing with my alcohol consumption—unless I'm going out for a big night of partying, I really don't drink. (Um, do I need to be admitted into some sort of 12-step program?) 

My friend Joyann thinks it's so funny that I don't enjoy a glass or two of wine at the end of the day. Actually, I don't think I have ever relaxed on the couch with a glass of vino or a cold beer—is that weird? No, I take that back. The one and only time I have ever sipped a few (read: seven) beers at my apartment solo resulted in me watching Step Up 2: The Streets and attempting all the dance routines. Boy, that was a fun Friday night.

The beverages I consume on a regular basis are water, hot tea, skim lattes and Diet Coke, all of which are low in calories. I know DC isn't good for me, but I've cut back—I have three or four a week. (Random: On my freshman year spring break trip in Panama City, a waitress basically told me I was going to die from DC and refused to serve it to me. Thanks, asshole.)

So tell me: Do you drink or eat your calories? And do you have any rules you follow—like, no dessert if you have a second glass of wine? 


  1. The last time I did some heavy solo drinking, I also ended up practicing dance moves in front of the tv. I was watching Krumping tutorials and felt like I was really "getting" it until I did it in front of the mirror.

    But to answer your question, I tend to drink my calories...but only if dessert isn't involved.

  2. Unfortunately, I tend to eat or drink anything that sits in front of me, but I rarely eat chocolate, sweets or puddings. Can't wait for summer to kick in and for work to get rid of some excess pounds.

  3. Haha... I'm right there with you! I NEVER drink a glass of wine to relax and I definitely would take the pizza. :)

  4. That's so funny that you bring this up. This weekend, I DRANK an equivalent of what one should eat daily. And this was on top of what I had actually eaten that day. Appalling to say the least. On that note, I definitely prefer drinking my calories. Obvi.

  5. I definitely eat my calories. If I'm drinking, I'm probably drinking AND eating my calories. But I'm a grazer - I'll have a handful of this, a few of those until WHOOPS! I've eaten 1000 calories without knowing how it happened.

    I tend to drink a lot of water, chamomile tea, sometimes a pop (That's Canadian for soda) while out at a restaurant. I don't drink much alcohol unless it's party time.


  6. Ohh yes, Ali, I watch C-walking tutorials on YouTube quite frequently...sans alcohol! (P.S. You should have seen the little ditty I just busted out to the new Jay Sean song at work. Whoa, scary.)

    Gary, nooo, I'm not ready for summer! Summer=bikinis...I'm happy to have a few more months to prepare :)

    Glad you're with me on this one, Rachel. A lot of my friends think it's so weird that I don't unwind with alcohol. With the meltdowns I've had recently, you'd think I would, but chocolate and ice cream don't give me a headache :)

    Oh yes, Sophia and Kim, that's the worst...drinking+eating=DOUBLE FAIL. I'm a grazer too, which is something I've been trying to work on recently!

  7. So the waitress in Panama City wouldn't serve you DC (which WILL probably end up giving everyone rickets or something like that) but would serve you whatever deep-fried, high preservative, chemical laden food they were serving? Hmm.

    I have a glass or two of wine every night. But other than juice, milk, water, skinny coffee, that is the only thing I drink regularly. When I lived alone, I would drain half a bottle with a lean cuisine (healthy, right?) but now I find that I have a glass with my actual dinner and then switch to herbal tea. It is a great way to unwind (for me at least).

  8. I agree 100%. I eat my calories(and probably yours. I almost never drink a beer just hanging out at home. I got really drunk all by myself once, but I was at a party. Upon arrival I found Margaritas and yelled "I'm going drunking, who's coming with me!" The answer was no body. Instead of watching "Step up 2" I tried to DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) and then fell down in front of a room full of strangers. Woops. I wonder why they don't talk to us anymore?

  9. Hi! I saw the ling to your blog on and I must say I like your blog alot. Its def Fabulous! ;-) Keep up the good work...

  10. I am the same way! I have never just relaxed with a glass of wine. I don't know why but the only times I ever drink alcohol is the occasional glass of wine at dinner and only at resturaunts. Just not a with that said I want my calories from FOOD! :)

  11. Yes, Shannon, she was a total whack job. I'm pretty sure she was drunk or high...probably both. I remember ordering beers without a problem though.

    Comedy, George, I would have paid to see that! Why was no one else boozing??

    Hi Corazon! Why thank u dahlin' :)

    MHP, do you ever get DRUNK? Prob not..or else you wouldn't be able to run those 15-milers like it was nuthin' ;)You'd be proud..I've been scaling back on the drunk escapades lately, which has resulted in more gym time!

  12. Haha...George forgot to mention the part where he announced that he needed to "go upstairs and metabolize for a few minutes." Then he passed out for about 10 hours.

    No one else was boozing because they were boooooring.

  13. well, I just posted a blog rant about non water beverage consumption. but the focus was more or less on drinking more water for health puroses, not calorie counting. i tend to not count alcohol as calories at all. which is why i "treat" myself to glass of vino just about everynight. (maybe i should join a twelve step program.) i try to avoid soda like the plague (except a jack and ginger at happy hour) and rarely drink juice. i'm lactose intolerant, so i have to bark at the starbucks baristas to go easy on the milk in my lattes, and limit the syrup they put in my drinks. but with all that wine, i probably drink more calories than i should. hmm drink for thought...

  14. I drink AND eat my calories, unfortunately. I think I eat pretty healthy, but the 3 major things I've given up over the last few months are:

    Diet Coke, Beer and my beloved glass(es) of wine after work most days

    This has been easier for me than giving up bread or cheese or an occasional sweet--and now I don't feel so guilty about having a beer once in awhile. On the weekends (or social event during the week) I stick to red wine or vodka. I also try to drink tea over coffee as much as possible. Seriously though--I'm a strong believer in everything in moderation, and working out 3 times a week!