Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Getting drunk for a cause

Last night I went to Orensanz in the Lower East Side for the Restore Freedom Gala. The event raised over $120,000 for after-care services for women in NYC who are victims of sex trafficking. It's hard to imagine that something so terrible happens right here in New York, isn't it?

Check out the venue! It felt a little bit wrong to drink glass after glass of vino in an old church, but it certainly didn't stop me. What can I say—I know how to adapt to my environment. 

Well, hello there!

When I went to set my empty wine glass on a table I saw this sign. Hmm...I wouldn't mind transforming into a tree during moments like this. And then I noticed every table had a different one. 

Most of them were relative to the charity. Like this one...

and this one. But then we have this one...

Sure, I'd like to learn how to bake bread too, but I'm not quite sure I get it. Can someone help me out here? 

Since this is what happens when I get drunk at charity events, I was trying my hardest to steer clear of the silent auction tables. And I was doing a good job until my boyfriend encouraged me to take a peek at the items. Private pilates lessons, sailing excursions, jewelry...sounds nice...Bumble and Bumble swag bag?! Gotta have it! I tried to hide my excitement, but failed miserably. Before I knew it, my bf put down a bid. It was one of the most popular items, so I didn't expect to win.

But I did! Apparently my bf saw that someone had out-bid him, so he upped the ante. Playing to win—I like your style, hun! Holy cow, I'm so excited to bust into these products. My locks could certainly use a little restoration—lord knows when I'll be able to afford my next haircut! 

What a fun night! Drinking for a cause—I'm quite good at it. Has anyone else been to a fabulous charity event? Got any good bidding stories? And whatcha up to this weekend? Tomorrow morning I'm  going to my FIRST ever Zumba class, and I have a friend's Mexican-themed birthday partay at night. Stay tuned for my adventures!


  1. I am going to a charity auction this weekend to benefit the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers Foundation (scholarships for law students). Then in May I am on the board for the Shepherd Center Junior Committee's Derby Day (not a frat party...same day as the horse race).
    Shepherd Center is a rehab hospital for people suffering from acquired brain and spinal injuries. If you live in the US East of the Mississippi, chances are someone from your town has been treated here. Ms. Fired N Fab herself and I went to high school in KY with someone who was treated here in the ATL.

    Drinking for a cause - if you do it responsibly, EVERYONE WINS!


  2. looks like a fun event, love your dress and blazer! thanks for your sweet comment....I got my sunglasses from for $3 ;) xoxo

  3. I think your dress looks very pretty.

  4. Why thank you, Warrior :)

    LTF, I officially dub you the world's BEST thrift store shopper! $3?! You need to teach me the ways of shopping on the cheap!

    Sounds like you have some great events coming up, SCS! It's awesome you are involved with the Shepherd Center. I need to find an organization I'm really passionate about...hrm..

  5. I'm so jealous of your bag of goodies! The last time i went to a charity auction i had a few drinkies and ended up paying far too much for a game of paintballing - paintballing? WTF? i have the lowest pain threshold in the universe. It still has not been booked in and i won it about 4 years ago!