Sunday, July 26, 2009

Irony at its finest

The day after I lost my job, I got a call from a girl at the DOE Fund. "Congrats, Ellen, you won the Diane von Furstenberg purse from the celebrity DJ charity event last week! Come pick up the bag and make the $200 check out to..." Say whaaat? I did whaaat? Oh yeah, that. I went to a charity event (Whitney Port was there shooting an episode for The City—she's gorgeous!), drank too much champagne and put a $200 bid on this red DVF tote. I spent all night contemplating whether or not I should bid on the purse. I'm a realist by nature and rarely make whimsical decisions, but after my fourth glass of bubbly and encouragement from my friend Kasey (thanks, Kase) bidding $200 on a purse I really didn't need seemed like the most genius idea ever. I've never actually won anything in my entire life (including the countless bingo games I played at my grandmother's retirement home when I was little), so I figured this wouldn't be any different. I mean, surely someone else at the party would be drunker/dumber/richer than I am, right? Right?! Wrong.

Lesson learned: Don't consume massive amounts of champers and make bids on things with money you don't have. After a few frantic calls and texts to friends, I took a deep breath and LOL (Mom, that stands for laughed. out. loud ;)). Of course, this would happen to me the day after I lost my job. Why would it happen any other way? On a positive note, at least I have a new, cute bag to tote around all summer. I've never splurged on a nice bag, and I got this one at a $300 discount. Plus, it's going to a great charity that helps out-of-work men in NYC get back on their feet. Still to this day I think about the many more useful ways I could have spent that $200, but then I push the thought out of my mind and stroll down the streets of Manhattan with my cute red bag.

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  1. Ellen- I did the exact same thing but bought a pair of earrings after too much bubbly. Trust me, they know what they are doing when they serve alcohol at these functions!

  2. Seriously! What earrings did you get? Anything good???

  3. Hahaha! Wow, talk about ironic! At least you have a hot bag for the summer. And, you got it at a discount! True, you might not have paid that much for it post-job loss, but it's worth it!

  4. So true—thanks for looking on the bright side of things with me :)