Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday

Happy Friday everyone! My weekend started last night (one of the perks of not having a FT job, or as I like to phrase it, "being my own boss"). I went to a cookout with my friend Megan who is in town from Charleston and my sis, Liza. We planned to "just have one drink," eat a little food and go home. Sounds boring, doesn't it? Yeah, we thought so too. Of course, several bevs were consumed and LOTS of food was eaten. Below are a few pics from the night. 

Megan is the best shopper I know—the girl knows how to find a sale. Yesterday she got two basic tees and a pair of heels on sale at Bloomingdale's, and a pair of shiny leggings at TopShop—all for $100! I wish I had her patience to scour rack after rack. She found this striped top for me at ZARA for $10! She was the voice of reason during our shopping excursion in SoHo yesterday. I saw a pair of studded sandals at TopShop that I was dy-ing for, but she reminded me that I could find an identical pair at Urban Outfitters for half the price. She was right. (Sigh. I hate being broke in this city!)

People kept offering to take pictures for us, but I insisted that I could do just as good of a job. Not bad!

I'm aware this isn't the most flattering photo, but in the spirit of "Photo Shoot Friday," I decided to post it. 

Now here's a REAL photo shoot. We stopped by Liza's shoot in SoHo yesterday—she's a fashion editor at Women's Health!

This weekend is going to be a wild one. One of my BFFs, Becca, is having her bachelorette party in the city. Of course, I'm already worried about totally falling off the wagon in the eating department—I got a head start last night (sausage, chips, M&Ms, oh my!).

Wish me luck, my liver is going to need it :)

Please tell me: What are your tricks for controlling late-night munchies?? I don't want a repeat of the other night!


  1. Miss you ladies! So lame of me, but I brush my teeth. I'm too lazy to brush them again and too OCD about my teeth to go to bed (AKA pass out) without brushing them. Oh my!

  2. Ohh that's a good one, Al! Is it 100% fool proof?? I'll test it out and let you know how it works :)

  3. Teeth brushing isn't 100% fool proof, but definitely helps - I need to remember that one! My trick is to chug some water or Gatorade to try to rehydrate for the next day - and in the process - fill myself up. Doesn't always work, but usually I'm not as hungry after a few cups.

  4. Oh that's a good one, too! I'm always happier when I remember to rehydrate at the end of the night. I usually forget though— I need to work on it!!