Saturday, March 13, 2010

"There are only two things people don't like about me: I'm good-looking. And I'm looking GOOD!"

Those are the words of an outgoing, happy-go-lucky Starbucks barista. I overheard him saying this to a co-worker yesterday as I waited for my oatmeal (still enjoying those gift cards, ladies!). Kind of obnoxious, but whatever—he was having fun. It got me thinking though, what don't people like about me?

I thought about emailing all my friends asking them this question, thinking it might be funny to see their answers, but then I got a little scared of what their responses might be. Some things are better left unknown, I think. I mean, do I really want to be reminded about my personality quirks and shortcomings? Um, no. Instead, I asked my sister and boyfriend. Here's what they had to say:

Liza: "Well, not that this comes easy for me, BUT if I had to say, you are a little high strung and I hate when you give me the silent treatment when you're mad about something." Ok, fair enough, but what do you mean by high strung? "Like how you always get worked up at the movies when there's a crazy twist in the plot that you don't like, or when you aren't following what's going on. Or like the time you dramatically collapsed on the floor because you had nothing to wear!" Right, that high strung.

BF: "I'm not sure, Ellen, you're just so perfect. (Sarcasm much?) But, I hate when you're pissed or sad about something and you just sulk without telling me what the problem is. Oh AND whenever I give you advice about clothes you should get or something you're trying on—because you ask—you say that I have no idea about fashion. Annoying!"

Ok, so sometimes I don't like to talk about my feelings and I have wardrobe freak outs from time to time—that's not so terrible, is it? Tell me: What are two things you'd guess that people don't like about YOU?
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  1. Oh good question...I would say people get annoyed by how happy/bubbly I always am. (apparently this bugs people...who knew?)

  2. i'm guessing that when i want to be, i can be opinionated on everything (it's better than indecisiveness!) AND i can be very adamant (which i think, is only fair- if you don't stick to your guns, you're just not worth it)

    p.s. don't ask anyone- they will very good- intentionally come up with 22 different quirks at least and you'll squirm for the next 22 years about them.

  3. Haha I think people would say the same things about me! I am VERY high strung.
    Also, I was told yesterday at work that I should maybe not say everything Im thinking. And be a little less honest. Apparently people dont like that.

  4. hmm. i'm sure there's a laundry list of things ppl don't like about me.
    1. my go-to emotion is anger. my losing control emotion is pure unadulterated rage...
    2. i'm a little high strung. my friends tolerate it. my (former) significant others-not so much...