Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Fabulous jewels+Champers+Mini Cheesecakes

Hey hey. So Wednesday night I also hit up Olivia Palermo's necklace launch at the Roberta Freymann store on the Upper East Side. It was an intimate gathering, but I have to say, it was pretty darn fabulous. Everyone there was dressed to impressed, including Miz Olivia herself, of course.

Totally chic, right? I love Olivia's style. Who What Wear is always on Olivia overload, which annoyed me at first, but I can't really blame them. The girl's got style. 

And here's the collection, which will be sold at the store this spring! The whole jeweled bib necklace thing isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept, but I really liked them nonetheless. They are fun, girlie, and over-the-top.

This was one of my faves. I got really excited when I saw the necklaces being wrapped in tissue paper—goodie bag time!? Umm, no. Then I noticed people in a line whipping out their credit cards. Damn.

Watch out, Olivia! Poor girl banged her head on this birdcage, and I was there to capture the moment :)

Yumm, cheesecake. I saw her pop one into her mouth. It's probably the only thing she's had to eat all day, but hey. Nothing tastes as good as being skinny—right, O?!

I was in love with this girl's outfit. Shorts, stripes, super-chunky scarf. So freakin' cool. 

And look how cute Lauren is! Her dress is from Mod Cloth—they have lots of cool, wallet-friendly  finds. And props to the party staff for the constant champers refills—I usually have to fight off bitches just to get A drink!

So what do you think of the collection? I'm digging it—I like anything that makes a statement! Well, I'm off to South Carolina for my best friend, Court's, babe shower. I'll be posting over the weekend, so check back in, YA HEAR? What's everyone else up to? Make it a good one! xoxo


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  2. I love Lauren's dress! Mod Cloth is my favorite site ever! The shipping is a bit expensive for me here in France but it totally worth it!

    I didn't know Olivia Palermo's collection but it looks good!

  3. i'm on the fence about the bib necklaces. my personal jewelry style is very understated, mostly glittering charms on simple chains, but i do like the drama of the bib. i think the problem is that i've seen way too many cheap piece of trash in express and forever 21 for me to really appreciate them. and about modcloth--i have a love/hate relationship with them. i love so many of their dresses. i hate that the items i always want are OUT OF STOCK--always! i swear they keep an inventory of like 10 items, and i told them so in a nasty email after a "there was glitch in our inventory system" fiasco. as for my weekend, who knows. but pole class at 7 is my favorite way to start he weekend

  4. LOVE those necklaces. And must check out this site! You are right, she is adorable and your comment about nothing tastes as good as skinny cracked me up.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful get together! would have loved to have been there! xoxo

  6. Any tips for navigating ModCloth, Aurore? I always get overwhelmed when I'm faced with so many options! I'm so bad at shopping vintage.

    I agree, Nadette...the bib necklaces are cute. I personally like layering delicate chains or necklaces with charms on them.

    Hey JennyMac! It is so true...can't you just imagine that's what Skinny Biotches tell themselves when they get the urge to stuff their faces? I need to try that trick!

    SAW, I didn't even TRY the cheesecakes...I knew I wouldn't be able to stop if I got started!

    Yeah, LTF, it was a lot of fun. Do you live in NYC? If so, maybe you can be my guest next time!