Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime, party time, ALL the time!

Spring has SPRUNG! I went through a bit of a party drought the last month or so, but I'm ready to get back in the game—put me in coach! Warm weather makes New Yorkers ridiculously happy. Everyone's party hopping and guzzling bubbly like champs—it's the best!

Last night Fed invited me to the Blanc de Chine fashion show to check out the Fall/Winter collection. The intimate preview party was so much fun, and I loved everything I saw!

Satin pants—apparently I need a pair. Most of the models were rocking them. And how great is that long scarf? So chic!

This was my favorite look. I'd probably look like a stumpy superhero in that turquoise capelet, but that's why tall skinny model girl is wearing it and I'm...not. 
Here are the final looks of the show. Yeah, sorry if you are cocking your head to the side right now and your boss is giving you a What-the-fuck-is-she-doing glare. Just tell him (or her) that you're reading Fired 'n' Fabulous! Duh. My boyfriend has mentioned on more than one occasion that I should look into photography classes. I think I just might. 

Can you guess whose backside this is? There's only one person in the entire city of Manhattan that would wear such a shiteous getup, so it shouldn't be hard. I'll give you a hint: Her husband's name rhymes with Mimon and he sports banana hammocks on the beach. Still not sure?

Alex and Simon from The Housewives of New York! And look, they're sitting front row. Treasure the moment, guys. All kidding aside, I do really like them. They seem like nice people, which is a lot more than I can say for some of those other catty bitches. (Jill, I'm not talking about you, girlfriend!) However, they need a stylist. Like, yesterday. Get.a.STYLIST. I can hook you UP. And hello, Derek Warburton is sitting right next to you—learn how to utilize your resources, people! They're making the same fashion mistakes I made when I was like 20 years-old: Just because something is super-trendy or outrageous, does not automatically mean it is fashionable. No. Just...NO.

However, there were plenty of stylish people at the party. (I wasn't one of them. I threw on Liza's Burberry trench so I'd look semi pulled together.) Look at this cute Urban Outfitters bag. The girl carrying it said she got it a couple months ago—tear—but I'm going to check online to see if they still have it!

And look at this chick. Trench coat, leather gloves, Love.

Ok, ok, I know. I pretty much did Photo Shoot Friday one day early. Again. I'm now rethinking my blog choice for tomorrow, because let's face it, this one is pretty awesome, but it'll be fabulous all the same! Plus, it'll include another (more famous, stylish) celeb—so get ready for that! 

So what did you think of the collection? Any favorite pieces? The red sequin dress was pretty killer, too. What would YOU wear to a party like this? And who are your favorite Housewives of New Yawk?


  1. *Drool*.....I'm loving the satin pants. Maybe in a couple pounds. I've been blogging about my hatred of all my work-worthy pants....time to update.

    I'd wear a coat-dress to a party like that. I'm in love with them. A coat dress and a rockin' pair of red heels.

  2. P.S. do cool people even say rockin' anymore? I live in the last place in Canada to recieve new trends/buzzwords so I never know.

  3. Coat dress, totally into them!'s OK to say "rockin" if you use it as a verb, not an adjective. Um, I think? Does that make sense?

  4. as for the collection-not much my style. maybe the red sequin dress if it were cocktail lenght--maybe.
    hmm, what would i weat to a swanky fashion show private party? first, i would try NOT to wear my excitement all over my face. secondly, i don't have a single pair of pumps worthy enough for this occaision, wait that's not true. i have these blue suede open to bootie/sandal things: FIERCE! i'm still searching for the ultimate trench coat--in khaki or grey. and that's all i got off the top of my head and no, that's not all i would wear. its a fashion show, not a 70s skin flick, lol. and as for my favorite NY housewife--Bethany! the girl has issues, and she's unapologetic about it, but at the end of the day, she tells it like it is.
    P.S. ellen, can we switch places for like a month? you take my place at my job, blog from work, do a food tour of baltimore, fall out when you realize how cheap my rent is, and I could go to cool fashion show parties and do photo shoot fridays, and live it up in NYC for a month. c'mon, you want to. I'll even leave (or take) my mini poodle to sweeten the deal :)

  5. Switching lives with a fellow blogger sounds like a hilarious experiment.

    Satin pants worry me from a practical standpoint, but I love the shine. And that cape was so cute...not sure when it would come into play.

  6. Nadette, you are hilarious! I wear excitement all over my face to everything...I don't even try to play it cool because I would fail miserably. If you ever want to come to an event in NYC, let me know and I'll see what I can do about hooking that up :) And yes, I would LOVE to switch places. I seriously would if I could. Would your boss like me? I wouldn't want to get you FIRED ;)

    I agree, SCS, satin pants LOOK nice, but how many people can pull them off. I mean, really.

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  8. ellen, my boss is never hear, she probably wouldn't even notice, lol. but i totally may have to take you up on that event offer. I try to make at least 2 trips to NYC a year to visit friends from college. so if some uber fabulous event is going on when i'm there, i'm so down with the get down (and the drinking, of course)

  9. hmmm. i think my top two are the turquoise capelet you liked, and the silver and black dress in the vid (at least i think it looks cool, it's a little hard to be sure!)

    and i LOOOVE leather gloves. that girl looks awesome! this winter i finally bought my first actual nice leather purse and a pair of leather gloves, just to feel like a grown-up... i love it! they make me feel so feminine and classy and kinda old-school.

  10. Awesome!!! I love the fashion show. This line is amazing.

    You blog is great.

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  11. Yes, Nadette, let me know when you're in NYC next!

    I agree,'s amazing how something like leather gloves can make you feel so chic and pulled together!

    Thanks for stopping by, ATI! I'll def check out your blog :)