Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Hemp Necklaces and Harry Potter

I've been really lame lately, and haven't been going out hardly at all. Actually, I don't think I even remember the last time I got drunk. WHOA! Last night I saw Alex and Simon from The New York Housewives out (which, ahem, you would know if you are a FnF fan on Facebook!), but I didn't even get to enjoy the party because I was working at it. I always wondered what it would be like to be the door girl with a clipboard—yeah, not as much fun as I thought it would be. (What? I'm not on the list? Oh no...that's not right. Damian's boyfriend's sister said that I...) 

So that explains why I've resorted to posting these senior year photos from Buzzfeed. Enjoy.

Hemp necklace, check. Gelled hair, check. Boxer briefs peeking out of jeans, check. Two-pack abs, check, check. Serious stare, check. Oh so profesh!

Ok, so I'm not going to lie, my senior year photos looked a little something like this, only I think I was in a swim suit. Ew. Mom, why didn't you stop me?!

Bi-polar is so trendy these days. 

Umm yeah...I got nothin'.

Harry Potter is so two years ago. Where the hell are the Edward Cullen senior photos?!

I think this might be my favorite.

Which one of these do you like best? And what did YOUR senior year photos look like?! 


  1. The flaming bat. Hot.

    As you may recall, Ellen, our yearbook had the same photos for seniors as for everyone else. I am wearing an ascot/small scarf in my photo. It is heinous. Now the photo spread that we got to do for the Kentucky Youth counsel...I was wearing my pom squad uniform. Ah, the ill-fated pom squad. Humility, they name is pom squad.


  2. ohh you know the typical standing against a tree a barn and one by the creek....totally trendy in the midwest :) back in the early 2000's

  3. Shannon, these are the photos that you get done OUTSIDE of school...the professional ones that showcase what sport you played or whatever. It's not mandatory, but it was a senior thing that a lot of people did. Be glad you didn't. They hung them up all over Fayette Mall! It was so embarrassing! Pom squad uniform sounds hottt.

  4. Oh no...that is what I did. My picture was up in Fayette Mall with the rest of you jokers.
    The frame is now on the wall of shame in my parents' house.

  5. My senior photo can be summed up in one word: mullet.

  6. My mom though I was very handsome in my senior photo. I was wearing a part and some pretty large glasses. Eigth grade photos were WAY worse. I was rotund at that time. I weighed the same as I do right now, but I was 12 inches shorter.

  7. Oh, sorry, Shannon, lost in translation there. Yeah, my mom FINALLY took the photos down when she moved...thank goodness!

    So funny Esperanza!

    Haha, Lee...I bet you rocked that mullet!

    G-Dub, I love it every time you say rotund. I don't think I have quite recovered from my 8th grade awkward unibrow could have won awards. It was INSANE.

  8. i am sure i was doing something awesome like posing with the large plastic "2000" block. i wasn't coordinated enough to play sports so i didn't have anything exciting to pose with. THANKFULLY dad didn't make me pose with the dog....

  9. Hahahahaaaaaaaaa....I reposted this on one of my photo forums. I particularly love the classy selective coloring on the American-flag window decal.

    I definitely had burgundy hair in my senior portrait.

  10. haha these are AMAZING. I only wish mine were that fun/horrible! I hate my senior pic because its so..fake. I have zero make-up on and my hair is bright bright blonde, poker-stright, parted in the middle and down to my butt. Ummmmm...craziness.

  11. These are hilarious... I think I like the flaming bat one too... and the wizard! i mean, what are these people thinking?

  12. Oh my lordy, that boy was the height of hottttness in 1998.

  13. band camp photo is hilarious. my senior photo was disastrous--i looked like a man. needless to say, i didn't but the pics, but they are forever plastered in the damn yearbook. shud-der!

  14. "My bat represents my penis, which is also on fire due to several combating STDs I got during this year's road trips with the team. The bat's not the only thing flaming!"

    These photographers know these are going to be mortifying in the future. They should be arrested and charged with taking advantage of teens who have not yet fully developed their cerebral cortexes, where the embarrassment cells are located. Except for the one who took NASCAR Chevy Amur'ca Lovin' Color-Blindness Boy, who clearly deserved it.

  15. Glad I could provide you with some photog inspiration, Kara :)

    Seriously, Aim! How much of this do we blame on the parents though???

    Haha, good call, Scott. This should definitely be included to my ongoing list of "Things That Should be Illegal."