Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm a poet and I didn't know it

Actually, that's a lie. You know I have a penchant for rhyming. But the other day at work when I was doodling on scrap pieces of paper, I discovered an artistic talent I didn't know I had.

Ok, so maybe this does look like the work of a six year-old. Even still, I kinda liked it :)

Here's a message to all my readers. It couldn't be more true! XOXO, Me

And because I was feeling so blue that day, I decided to remind myself of this. I truly do believe it. But um, God, are you aware that it's been pouring down on me on and off for almost a year now? Of course you are. You're God. You know what you're doing.

So yeah, I think I might add "doodling" to my list of things I don't suck at. Whatcha think? What random talents do you have?


  1. I think making signs like that are awesome! My husband always doodles the word "yes" and "$" everywhere...he swears it works!!

  2. I love the final line of the post :) so true I def. needed that reminder the past couple months.
    adorable doodling btw :)

  3. There are definitely some years that just suck. But you know what, it is going to get better for you really soon. I can feel it.

    Hmmmm random talents huh? Well I make this weird doodle/design thing that everyone seems to think are really true. It's like a big swirly mark and inside each loop/space are concentric tracings of its shape. I'm also really good at beating boys in belching contests (ummm, ew?!) but I need to drink a little first.

  4. Girl, I just have to interject here and say that you are way too funny and talented for things to continue the way they have been. I understand why you're getting frustrated, but I know good things are in store for you because I believe in the Big Guy Upstairs too. And, don't worry, He's looking out :smile:

  5. Love your doodling! haha I don't think I have any random talents but in middle school I was pretty good at drawing henna all over my hands with red pen lol

  6. i love your doodle, and i totally undertand it, I talk to God outloud somedays. here's a really random talent for you, I can mimick the non-dog sounds my dog makes (he thinks he can talk) I can also growl just like him, and i do it to get all riled up when I want to play. ok, maybe that's just wiered, not sure its a talent either, but its damn fun. lol

  7. Glad you like my doodling, guys! I was worried you'd think it was a bit random, but I decided to throw it up anyway :)

    I like your husband's thinking, MHP! Need to start practicing that, PRONTO!

    Kim, moment of truth, can you belch the ABC's?

    Thanks, TKD! That really means A LOT!!!

    Erin, henna is soo looks really hard to do though!

    Nice talent, Nadette...somehow it does not surprise me ;)