Thursday, May 27, 2010

Which Sex and The City Character are YOU?

This week in NYC it's been all about Sex and the City 2! The premiere, the after parties, parties after the after parties, and sadly I haven't been to a single event. Not that I expected to, but I've felt like a loser lately reading my friends' SATC Facebook status updates over the last few days: Just spotted SJP at (insert swanky hotel here)! or In a limo on my way to the premiere! Hellllo friends, remember me? I'm a great wing woman in case you have forgotten? 

An.Y.way, here's a group pic from the premiere. Lookin' good, ladies! I don't know about you, but I'm happy to see that SJP doesn't have a plant growing out of her head like she did at the London premiere for the first movie. (I believe the Brits call those little hats fascinators?) Her asymmetrical lemon colored dress allows her to stand out just enough without screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! 

So, if you had to guess, who do you think my favorite character is? I'll narrow it down for you...

Carrie has killer style and just an overall fabulous little Manhattan life (and she's a writer), but....

I'm SO Miranda! Are you surprised? She's funny, sarcastic, smart—LOVE her. I actually have a tank top that says, "I'm a Miranda!" I need to dig it up and rock it when I go to see the movie. Cheesy? Yes. Do I care? No

So tell me: Which SATC character are YOU and why? Are you excited for the movie? I've heard mixed reviews, but of course I'm going to see it anyway!


  1. I think I am most like Charlotte sadly enough. Though I can slut it up like Carrie does on occassion as well! I am definitely not Samantha or Miranda though. Miranda is funny and smart and all but a lot of times I find it just PAINFUL to watch her. Especially when she goes bashing men. That episode in season 4 (maybe?) where she tries to joke it off is classic. I'm about at that stage in my single life!

    All my friends are going to check the movie out tonight but I plan on just waiting to netflix it. I'm still trying to watch all the episodes from when it was on TV as I inherited seasons 1-4 from my grandmother and watched it for the first time last year ;)

  2. Gotta say hybrid between Samantha and Charlotte. Guess that makes me the Madonna and the Whore:)

  3. I think I'm Carrie. Down to earth but loves fashion, has complicated relationships...

  4. I think I am most like Miranda. I am realistic, a little jaded, organized and expect a lot out of people. I can't wait to see the movie!!!

  5. ohh i think i am charlotte to an extent: optimistic, believe in prince charming (although...miranda's cynicism is starting to creep in there) and want all my friends to live happily ever after! i have a little carrie in there too with just being down to earth and open and honest, but definitely not the fashion aspect!

    one thing i always loved about this show is that i never felt like you could 100% identify yourself with one of the characters. they are all pretty dynamic and i think everyone can see a little bit of each character in themselves. this isn't true for other shows where the main characters are typically extreme stereotypes. maybe i just love this show, but i feel like the women are realistic in the sense that they are multi-dimensional. even sexy samantha has a soft side! other than that, i could never get over what drew these women together, how they live in neighborhoods all over the island and still spend each morning together, and just a lot of other things that seemed unrealistic about their lives. but maybe i am just jealous :)

    i had just moved here when the first movie premiered and had been treking all over downtown trying to learn and explore the city. i was hot, sweaty, tired, and dressed in a tank, shorts and sneakers-total tourist. i may or may not have had a century 21 bag in my hand. regardless, when my roommate called me and said she had an extra ticket to the premiere i jumped at the chance! of course i felt disgusting compared to all the girls dressed to the nines (you know carrie isn't actually going to SEE you right?) but it was still a blast!

  6. Think I am a mix too, maybe Miranda and Carrie?! But which one you like the most and which one you are most like can be different. Which one would you pick for me?

    Just read an article that says Miranda types are the exception, but that she is the most likely to exist in real life!

  7. I am a Miranda, with a dash of Charlotte. It does annoy me how Miranda claims to bill 80 hour weeks but still manages to do all of the stuff she does (child, random trip to mexico, going out all the time, random trip to the UAE...seriously? And why did he have to go to HARVARD? Why not NYU or Cornell. I am not saying that she needed to get her JD from night school, but comeon folks...)

    Regardless, she is the most realistic character emotionally.

    And Cynthia Nixon kicked breast cancer in the butt and looks amazing.


  8. I'm that guy in the background in that one episode, the guy nobody noticed who wanted to ask any of the women on a date but was too nervous and shy and had a panic attack and left quickly with his heart pounding and mouth dry knowing he could never, ever ask any of them, especially not in public, the humiliation would be ruinous, and consoled himself with the fact that even though he didn't ask any of them out, none of them would have said yes anyway, so at least he didn't make an awkward situation for them, and he might as well have two bowls of Rocky Road for dinner since the chocolate might release some nice endorphins.

    How old is Kim Cattral(sp), now, 70? I remember seeing her in "Mannequin" like 23 years ago. Well, half of "Mannequin." Some kids from my school saw me sitting up front in the theater and one came down and dropped his entire full soda in my lap, so I left early. Joke was on him though -- it cost him $4.25 to ruin my night with that soda! Ha! I win! He lost money, I only lost some of my last few shreds of self-respect, ego, self-liking, independence, willingness to go anywhere public on weekends alone, any sense I might defend myself in the near future, the feeling that others might not dislike me for no reason someday, comfort at being around people, the thought that I was safe from bullying in anyplace crowded with adults, and half a movie, which I guess would've been about $3.50. Wow...looking back on never really occurred to me before that I...I DID lose money, freakin' $3.50. SHIT. What am I doing here again? Oh right, this is a comment. I'll keep it short, then. I blame Kim Cattral for getting soda on my pants once. (rimshot)

  9. I think I am most like Carrie. I love crazy shoes !

  10. Can I share a different take on this?

    Miranda (and her alter ego) are my least favorite characters/actors of the foursome.

    I had a much naughtier blogpost about the SITC foursome:

  11. I'm 80% miranda, 20% Carrie! I love SATC, but i thought a sequel was unnecessary, but of course i'm gonna see it.

  12. and i LOVE that dress Cynthia Nixon is wearing in the movie. LOVE IT!

  13. I think I'm a mix between Carrie and Miranda! Love to write and love Carrie's style, but Miranda's personality is just my kind of thing. Witty and sarcastic. Anyway, love them all!

  14. I'm a mix - most friends tell me I'm definately Charlotte although a few say I'm Carrie as I have her humor and love of fashion (plus I'm a writer) then I was a PR major (thus Samantha ties) and I have become somewhat jaded/anti-romance ala Miranda, so I really can't commit to just one.

    I love that you have that tank, so cute!

  15. Wow, we've got more Mirandas than I thought! Shannon, that's hilarious about Harvard, I never even thought about it, but you're totally's like, the show is unrealistic as it is!

    Scott, those chicks (especially all together) would be way too intimidating for ANY guy to ask out. And yeah, Kim is looking a bit haggard these days...I heard she looks the worst in the movie. I mean, I'm sure I will be a little plumper and saggy when I'm her age, but I'm also not a movie star!

    And Becca, i think you might be a mix of Miranda and Charlotte actually? Hard to say...I guess everyone is a piece of all of them! I think who you like the best and who you relate to the most can be different, but in my case it's the same. I guess I just like myself a lot! ha