Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karma's a bitch, BITCH!

In this post I told you about the miserable bloke (he's English) who FIRED my ass. Well, I found out yesterday that HE recently got fired. This, my friends, is what I call karma. And of course, instead of being civil and taking the high road, he threw a little bitchfest and wrote a bitter email to the entire office. I'm not surprised. 

So yesterday a reader (Hi Ashley!) commented about what I said about wanting to "strangle" recent grads who land jobs right out of school. 

While it might not be fun seeing people get jobs before you at least there are jobs to get! I believe in job karma, and hatin' on people for landing gigs before you is bad ju-ju. 

I believe in job karma, too. Did I actually want to strangle anyone? No. Was I a teensy bit jealous? Yes. It IS hard seeing people all around me land jobs and get promotions when I've been struggling (and busting my ass!) for a year. Sure. But I can honestly say that I am happy for other people's successes—even if the news initially is hard to hear. And Ashley's right, it does give me hope that there ARE jobs out there...somewhere! 

So no, I don't think the karma police will be knocking on my door any time soon. What about you: Do you believe in karma? Has it ever come back to bite you?


  1. Ellen...You're a good person and I know the right job is just around the corner. It will be worth the struggle and wait....


  2. I so believe in Karma but believe its healthy to speak out about how you feel. While Ashley is part right... I don't Totally agree with her. Kudos to you for saying out loud and in writing what others keep inside until they turn into voices in their head... Ok... Not so severe but I get my fashionable drift! LOL!!! Keep doing your thang girl... Keep doing it! Hi Ashley!

  3. gotta live right, it's just the right thing to do

  4. i SOO believe in karma. sometimes it happens immediately. like i will say something not so sweet and then stub my toe or something like that. other times it takes a while, but it's definitely coming for you!! (not you specifically-you know what i mean)

    who wouldn't feel a little cringe in a similar situation? you have been working your fanny off and that person makes getting a job look effortless! it's the same when i worked out with my friend in college. pounds flew off her and i stayed the same-how is that possible?! while i was definitely jealous, i was happy for her too!

    and since karma DOES exist, you have some good stuff coming to you :)

  5. I absolutely believe in Karma.

  6. Are you really still fired? You are too fabulous not to have a great job...


  7. Glad I could be of some inspiration, Ellen! Love you woman.

    ALTHOUGH -- If Mister-you-know-who from The Knot would have gotten a big kid job before me I wouldn't have been happy. But I doubt he's even living in the city anymore.

  8. I surely do believe in karma. I know that for every mean thing I say about someone, there's bound to be a mean thing about me floating around out there from someone else. That's why I try to stay nice and positive, so that I get some nice and positive things in return.
    That won't stop me whinging about bad traffic and Russell on Survivor, though...

  9. Awww, thanks, B! And Fe :)

    Oh I totally feel you, MA. I'm like that with Liza about weight all the time! I have to work harder than she does and I hate it! But I know that I'm in better physical shape than she is, so I just remind myself of that when I feel a little jealous. (heh heh, sorry Lize!)

    Yes, Cuntessa (ha, love the name!)...I am still technically unemployed. Actually, yesterday marked my one-year anniversary and i totally forgot to announce it!

    Oh, Ashley, that's YOU. Haha. Yeah, if that dude has a FT job now I will just give up on life.

    Haha, CuppyCakes..."whinging"...my bf is from London and he tells me I "whinge" too much. I haven't been watching Survivor...now I want to!

  10. CuppyCakes - you don't like russell?! He got me into survivor last season, he cracks my shit up!