Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's the food diary of your life?

Ok, so I'm doing something I've never done before—I'm straight up jacking an idea I saw on someone else's blog. But that someone happens to be my bloggy friend, Kelly, so I don't think she will be too upset with me! So here it is, the food diary of my life.

Milk. When I was a baby, I was OBSESSED with milk. My mom said I'd chug down my bottle and then chuck it out of my crib when I was ready for more. This lead to my love of cereal...

Cereal. I could have cereal for EVERY meal. Oatmeal is cheaper, which is why I've been eating it so much lately, but nothing is better than a big bowl of cereal. One time when I was like six, my grandmother let me eat four bowls of Special K for dinner. I couldn't believe it! It was easily one of the best nights of my child LIFE.

Peas. I despised peas as a kid, and my parents wouldn't let me leave the dinner table until I ate them. I made a big dramatic scene about it, too. I'd put just a few on my fork, hold my nose and scrunch my face up in disgust as I swallowed 'em down. I always snuck some into my napkin too, but I'm pretty sure I got busted every time. Looking back, I don't know what the big deal was—peas don't really taste like anything. 

Eggs. This was the first thing I learned how to cook, and still to this day it's one of the only things I can make! Shameful. I had this dish at Balthazaar several months ago—I wish I could make my eggs look this fancy!

Ice cream. By now you know that my love for ice cream runs DEEP. My first job was at Graeter's, so that might explain something there. I actually didn't eat much of the ice cream while I worked, but one time my boss totally caught me shoveling spoonfuls of Double Chocolate Chip into my mouth! It was soooo embarrassing! I quickly put the spoon down, wiped my mouth and went back to work. We both acted like it never happened! 

Ohh, and a funny ice cream story about Liza: When she was little, my mom gave her a scoop of low-fat vanilla (Oh no she di'n't!). After one little taste, she exclaimed, "WHAT THE HECK KIND OF ICE CREAM IS THIS?!?" Bless her little heart—she knew something wasn't right. The Collis girls don't mess around when it comes to ice cream!

Sushi. Leah, one of my best friends from college, introduced me to it junior year when the food court in the student union started serving it. I'd always get a California roll and dunk the hell out of it in that yummy orange sauce. I didn't like it much at the time, but I thought it was the cool thing to eat, so I went with it. Now, I LOVE sushi. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we ate it as much as possible—like pretty much every time we went out to eat! I've tried some more adventurous rolls with him, but my favorite ones are super-basic: California, spicy tuna and cucumber. Mmm.

Pizza. It's cheap and yummy and I LOVE it. My bf and I shared this pizza at a casual restaurant in Park Slope last weekend. Shoot, I'm forgetting the name of the place! (New Yorkers, it's on Seventh Ave near 10th Street.) It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but I usually eat it by the slice with veggies on top, so it's not so bad. 

Wow, now I'm officially starving! Your turn: What's the food diary of YOUR life?


  1. Ellen why did you have to post the photo of that pizza?? It looks so good!! I really love Chinese food. I could probably eat it every day..especially egg rolls. Chicken wings are also amazing. There is a place where I live that has great honey mustard wings.

  2. I love this idea!

    When I was 8, I was obsessed with popcorn. I thought I had somehow unlocked some secret microwave popcorn making secret, and made my grandpa eat SO much popcorn! He played along, and even complimented my "genius."

    Then, when I was about 10, I was obsessed with vegetables and ranch. I loved cut up carrots, celery, and broccoli dipped in gobs of Ranch. Yum!

    Later, puberty hit.. and I turned to Pizza, and Pasta.. and cheesecake. OH puberty!

    Just recently (although YES puberty was long ago.. ) I have gotten over that Italian party, and have really fallen in love with homemade salsa and traditional mexican tortilla chips.. and Jamba Juice. yes, I jamba.

  3. Ooo this is a hard one. I think my list would literally be 100 foods long. I have gone through SO many phases in my life! Perhaps I'll have to write a post like this too!

  4. Oh this post is right up my alley. Seriously, I could jack your comments with a 60,000-word dissertation on the defining foods of my life. But I won't. My faves:

    Ellio's pizza. 20 years strong. I heat it in the microwave, which is so gross that it's not even recommended on the box.

    Ice cream. I've eaten it almost every day of my life.

    Hardboiled egg whites. They're like candy.

    Nonpareils. Best chocolate ever.

    Wawa milkshakes, hoagies, and pork roll = South Jersey staples.

    Scallops and cheese. This was the one recipe I begged my mom for when I got my own place...turns out she just melts Velveeta in a pan and dumps in frozen scallops, haha.

    Chicken tikka masala. Addicted.

    Salmon-apple-avocado rolls. Best sushi ever.

    Now I'm starving! Aggghhhh.

  5. milk. when i was a baby, i had some sort of allergy to milk products, so i was on the boob for a while. then it went away, which leads me to my next point.

    cereal. i also love cereal. when i was wee girl, my mom has this weird rule about only eating cereal for breakfast, so i would sneak it after school. and then when i finally broke my mom down and got her to buy me the sugary cereal, it was basically a free for all. as far as i'm concerned, cereal is a food group in itslef. btw, golden grahamns for breakfast this morning=awesome.

    milk and cheese. i'm occasioanlly lactose intolleratnt, which came out nowhere when i was in college. It was pretty bad too, b/c i LIVED on cereal back then, and lactaid cost $4 so...i just lived with it. my roomate wanted to strangle me.

    hungryman fried chicken dinners. my life's sustenance senior year of college. its amazing what doesn't kill you.

    my mom's mac and cheese. my mom is from georgia, it ain't that stove top mess! a staple at every thanksgiving and christmas dinner since i can remember.

    red velvet cake. my grandmother use to MAIL us a RVC for christmas from georgia every year. now she has advanced alziemers, so my sister's and i make it using her recipe. its just not the same.

  6. Great post! This is tough, so many random food thoughts:
    Cheese sandwiches: I remember (and my mom has filled me on) on how when I was young, about 5 or so I loved cheese sandwiches, with one Kraft Single and mayo and mustard. But my mom had to mix the mayo and mustard together in a bowl first then put it on the bread. I was never a picky child, this is probably one of the strangest requests I had. Now the thought of eating a Kraft single repulses me.

    Roast beef dipped in mayo: I loved my mom's homemade roast beef (still do, I am such a carnivore), and would sometimes eat the cold leftovers dipped in mayo, because why go through all the trouble of actually making a sandwich?

    "Concoction": I remember one of my friends when I was growing up would eat this and not long ago I remembered and got totally addicted to making it. It's dry oatmeal, walnuts and chocolate chips with milk, basically a homemade cereal. I was SO into it.

    Chips and queso: Mexican restaurant, enough said. My husband laughs at my addiction.

    Shrimp Poboys: Living in New Orleans, we could talk about all of our local food constantly, and we do. I will narrow it down to a great shrimp poboy. SO delicious.

  7. Food diary?! How creative! But damn, I'm on a diet right now and all the pictures of the yummy food is making me crave for a lot of stuff right now, especially that pizza! =)

  8. PNM, WHY did you have to say the word egg roll? Now I want one! Or 10 ;) Haven't had one in so long. Yummm! Where do you live?

    Haha, Nicole, you're funny. I USED to Jamba...not so much anymore. My favorite smoothies were the chocolate ones (of course), so I figure I might as well just eat real ice cream for the same amount of calories!

    Yeah, Erin, it was hard to limit it to this short list! Feel free to steal the idea...I did!

    JKW, that "concoction" sounds SO good. So what's the texture like with the dry oats in milk though? Is it weird at all?? And I'm so jealous you live in New Orleans. I went there once for a week and ate VERY well. I love spicy food!

    Sorry ChinkyGirlMel! No "diet" is worth doing with a some indulgences here and there though :)