Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have you ever plotted revenge on someone?

Over the weekend my friend Tom told me a story about a "psycho girl" he recently dated. (And by dated I mean they went out a couple times.) I'm always skeptical when guys call girls psycho—as if they play no part in making girls act crazy—but I'm going to share the story under the assumption that what Tom told me was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (Jury duty is rubbing off on me!) 

Tehe, how cute is this pic? So right, the story. After date number two, Tom was really into PG—she was pretty, fun and smart. They sent a stream of flirty text messages back and forth, but then he could feel a change on PG's end when he told her about his upcoming birthday. He didn't invite her out for the celebration because it was a guys-only night. Fair enough. And THEN, the crazy came out. (If a girl's got it in her, she usually can't hide it for long.) The day after his birthday, PG invited Tom to her penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side to give him his birthday present, if ya know what I'm sayin'. 

So he quickly got ready and hopped into a cab uptown. When he got to the apartment, the doorman informed him there wasn't even a penthouse in the building and that no one by PG's name lived there! WTF?! So he texted her to see what was up and she said she had accidentally texted the address wrong. Oopsie! So he hopped into another cab and when he reached the building, it was the same story. Wrong apartment. To make a short story shorter, Tom went to three or four apartments before receiving this text:


Happy Birthday, Fucker? Seriously? But yeah, it is pretty damn funny. Sorry, Tom!

So tell me: Girls, have you ever plotted revenge on a guy?  And guys, have you ever been royally screwed like this before? 


  1. WOW!!!!! WTH?! what the heck did tom do to this girl?!!?

    i have always secretly wanted to put visine in someone's drink...

  2. That's bizarro. I don't even think this counts as revenge, as it seems he didn't do anything. I tend to believe most girls (me too) have a little crazy in them. But then, so do the guys.

    I can think of crazy things I've done -- not revenge per se, but you know, calling and hanging up, pretending to befriend the ex girlfriend (keep your enemies closer, you know?), that kind of thing. Don't judge, I was young. But that story sounds like a Gossip Girl plotline.

  3. Not me, I have better things to do like read a book. Revenge is a waste of energy.

  4. No, I haven't and this is TOTALLY physcho, but TOTALLY entertaining nonetheless!

  5. Wow...that is odd. I haven't ever done anything like that. Not even remotely close!

  6. dude...seeking bff....consider yourself judged. You relied on a saying for your rationale, so i will. (Once crazy, always ...)

  7. isn't the best revenge happiness? (or is it being thin....)

    the ex that broke my heart (almost 2 years and the nicest thing he said to me was that he enjoyed my companionship, like i was a dog or something. and no, i don't know what i was thinking either) was in a wedding that i was also in about 4 months after we broke up. obviously i made sure to look DANG hottt and we wound up talking a lot that night, mostly him just drooling over me. i think at one point he even said something about how i never looked that good when we were dating (um, thanks?) and i replied "well nothing is bringing me down now." then he had the nerve to suggest that if he hadn't broken up with me, i never would have moved to new york....i didn't even have a good comeback to that. other than to tell him he was the most self centered person i have ever met.

    all in all, it made me feel awesome, but i wish i hadn't cared so much what he thought. so i guess the moral is to not even bother thinking about people who would incur your revenge fantasies? just be happy and move forward!

  8. Tom insists he didn't do anything! I dunno. Do you want to hear HIS side??

    haha, great revenge, MA—look hottt is the best thing you can do ;)

  9. Wow, thats nuts. I'm so happy that I've never had to deal with that brand of crazy. I briefly dated a girl who I really liked, but I could tell she had the crazy gene and I bailed out of the "boyfriend zone". I stayed friends with her and the next guy she dated got to feel the wrath, but he was a dick (as a boyfriend) and deserved it...I think sometimes people are pretty cool and just totally suck as a boyfriend for girlfriend.

    Anyway, this is more proof that I have the best wife ever.