Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grocery Shopping with Sexy Asians

Hola from Southampton! We got in early yesterday afternoon and hit up the grocery store right away to stock up on food and beer. 

Here's Melissa and her older sis,  Michelle. I don't know about you, but I NEVER look this hottt when I'm grocery shopping!

As everything was being rung up, I started getting nervous about all of the frivolous things I threw into the cart. But, we really NEEDED those Swedish Fish and bags of Pirate's Booty!

Hey, not too bad divided between seven people! I plan to eat the groceries for pretty much every single meal, so the small amount of cash I allotted for the trip should last me! 

We got quite a workout loading the bags of groceries into the car. Tiff hooked us up with this Ford Flex!

So after we unpacked our groceries, we busted out the wine, which lead to this random video. Here's Jenn showing you how to keep your chips from going stale! haha 

I hope everyone's having a FABULOUS weekend so far! Tell me: What will you be eating this weekend? And what are your groceries essentials when you're on vacay?


  1. Wow, your site is fantabulous; I wish I had discovered it sooner.

    I'm laughing pretty hard inside from reading this post because it is definitely a notion and broadly-generalized truism that Asians won't even go to Wal-mart without being dressed to the nines.

  2. Hope You are having a great time !

  3. HAH. eleanor taught us that bag thing and even when i got the same reaction when i bust it out at a bbq here in korea.

    asian's get dressed to the nines to go to wal-mart?!
    so i wear my prom dress to grocery shop. and what.

  4. I've got my grandson coming over for the weekend and so healthy stuff for Saturdays dinner like chicken and ratatouille, then probs porridge for Sunday breakfast.

  5. Thanks, Burnt Sienna! Yeah, I was pretty much hiding under my baseball cap while these chicks rocked oversized shades and wedge booties. haha

    Thanks Miss, Emma--it was a blast! So much harder to come back to reality though :(

    Only gals are mucho talented!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend with the fam, Gary!

  6. Wait, I still want to know how to fold the chip clip origami! I'm usually prepared to finish the bag after opening it, but you never know...

  7. i had such a fabulous weekend, i didn't have the time or energy to even look at a blog till today! and this weekend's eatings was pure fatness at every meal:
    donut sandwich
    hot dogs

  8. Haha, G-Dub...I know, Jenn was folding too fast for me to see all the steps! Maybe I'll get her to do it again in SLOW MOTION.

    And hold up, Nadette! I want to know what a donut sandwich is...NOW!

  9. Ellen, it is the most glorious thing you should never eat more than twice a year:
    Breakfast sandwich served on a Hot Cake Donut

    If you ever visit the delaware or maryland beaches, Fractured Prune is a MUST EAT!