Monday, May 3, 2010

When's the last time you hopped on the scale?

I went through a phase where I weighed myself ALL the time—in the morning, after a workout, after eating dinner, right before bed—it was ridiculous. I have no idea why I tortured myself like that. But one day, I just stopped completely and didn't weigh myself for like a month. I have quite a bit of muscle, and I never thought the number on the scale was a true representation of how I looked anyway.

So I started using certain pieces of clothing as an indicator of where I was with my weight. Liza has a nice, but unforgiving pair of Prada pants she scored at a sample sale a couple years ago, and I always put those on to see whether or not I'm on track. I wore them to an interview last week, and they fit just the way I thought they would--not too snug, but not loose enough for my liking. I think I have a couple pounds to shed before summer officially starts, but I'm not too worried. It's nothing a little more cardio and a little less ice cream can't fix! (Btw, sorry I didn't tell you about the interview--I didn't want to jinx it! Umm, shit, maybe I just did?)

Side note: Did anyone watch the Derby on Saturday? Those jockeys are so damn little, it kind of kills me. I was at a bar all geared up to watch it on TV, but ended up missing it. I went outside to talk to a friend, came in back 60 seconds later and blink, it was over. That kind of sucked. Ohh well!

So what about you: When's the last time you hopped on the scale? Do you have alternative ways that help you get an idea of whether you have gained or lost a few pounds? I must say, I am much happier without getting on the dreaded scale. It makes me a lot less obsessive--hallelujah to THAT!


  1. I weigh myself about once a month just to "check in"

  2. I am SO anti-scale it's not even funny. I use certain pairs of pants and button-up shirts to tell me where I am. Scales are just so depressing. I weigh myself once in a blue moon if a certain pair of pants is consistently tight, but that's it.

  3. Ellen, I don't even have a scale in my apt--its better that way. the last time i weighed in was easter weekend at my mom's house. the number was unexpectedly (and kinda grossly) low. and then i stupidly bought a size 4 dress from H&M (it was soo pretty and the last one in the store, i took it off the manequinn) which I MUST fit into for spain. so that's my measuring device. if i can still fit into the ridiculously small dress, then all is right with the world until after my vacay

  4. I used to weigh myself once a day. Now it's more like once a month. But I'm on an exercise kick now, so I'm sure I'm going to start my scale obsession again soon. Oh, being a girl.

  5. I think it has been a few months since I weighed myself. I use the old "how flabby is the tummy?" trick, along with how clothes fit.


    And the race was like 40 min later than it was supposed to be. It is easy to miss it if it's on time. I was at the big charity event I helped to plan. We were worried when they started to say the race was going to be canceled, because that was kinda the whole point of the event!!!

  6. I threw that bitch out! Used to be the girl who let a daily number dictate how her day would sucked.I have clothes that tell me if I'm on/off track.

    Good luck Ellen! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!

  7. Haven't had a scale since i lived with my folks in high school. I check it out at the gym occasionally, whenever i think about it.

  8. Daily but not in a bad, obsessive way. It just keeps me honest.

  9. Oh, and yes, the jockeys kind of fascinate me. So tiny yet obviously strong.

  10. I used to torture myself by weighing myself all the time, so I no longer own one. I usually just gauge my weight by how my clothes fit. I also weigh myself at the gym. I haven't been to the gym in a while, so I have no idea what I weight. (A trip is waaaay overdue as I look at my flabby tummy...sigh)

  11. I used to NEVER get on a scale. Occasionally at the gym, that was it. Over the past three years of not getting on the scale I went from 148 up to a high of 173. Since January, I have weighed myself every morning the minute I wake up and made a note of where my weight is. I'm down to 159. Studies actually show that weighing yourself in a regularly scheduled basis actually helps to keep you on track. I'm proof of it working for me.

    I wouldn't say I'm obsessive because I don't go out and workout extra if the number creeps up. It just keeps me aware of the things I am doing each day and how they are impacting my overall health. Plus the morning weigh in is closer to your actual weight since you haven't eaten in at least 8 hours.

    My problem is I have clothes from when I was my skinniest (105- I know, SKINNY, I ran track) and my heaviest (173) so I can always say well I have clothes that fit! I'm slowly getting rid of the larger clothes as I go at least a month without fitting in them.

    Personally, I guage everything by how I feel in the morning, afternoon and at night. Do I have energy? Am I happy? Did I do something for myself today? Then the number on the scale doesn't matter as much.

  12. Eatdrinkrun, do you weigh yourself before or after you work out? I never know the BEST time to weigh myself. Nothing ever seems accurate, but then again, I probably just don't like the number!

    Ohh Nadette, glad you found a cute dress for your trip! I actually try to go into vacay at my slimmest because I know after just a few days I will gain it all back anyway! ha. I totally gained five pounds when I was in Spain last year. The food was just TOO good!

    NRTC, I know I know, being a girl is SO tough sometimes. Why do we insist on torturing ourselves?!

    Yeah, Shannon, I can usually just spot check myself and know whether or not I'm in a good place with my weight. It's really not hard to tell, especially because every last pound shows up on my short frame. I can't hide a THING! Glad your charity event went well :)

  13. Oh my gosh, Barbara, if I let the scale dictate how my day would go, I would be in SERIOUS trouble. Glad you got rid of that habit!

    haha LaToya. I'm impressed with the people who weigh themselves at the gym...I'm always too scared other people will see the number. Not that I really should care, but I like weighing myself in private. Then I can kick, scream and cry all I want :)

    Wow, awesome job, Berryfine! Yeah, I've heard that weighing yourself reguarly helps, but I thought it meant more like once a week. Glad you've felt what works for you though. I think I might buy a new scale before I start weighing myself again. I am convinced mine is broken! Does anyone know anything about those fancy scales that factor in your height and muscle mass???