Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Cold PBRs and a whole lotta meat

Happy Friday everyone! Last weekend my friends and I had a cookout on the patio at a bar in Brooklyn called Moonshine. It was so much fun—God, I love summer!

Hola! FYI, this is the same skirt that attracted all sorts of unsolicited attention. Remember? Geeze, it's not even all that short! But tight, yes.

Meat! Mmm. I brought chicken, but ended up eating someone else's 'cause I was too lazy to cook it. I left it in a cooler though, so someone went home with a nice little surprise!

Here I am with Nicole, Liza and Jenn. Everyone looked so cute, I wish I had gotten head-to-toe shots. Ohh well.

And it just so happened to be Rocky's birthday. Lookin' good, my man! Tiffany gets him a special peanut butter doggy cake every year from a place in San Diego called My Best Friend Pet Treats. He's one lucky pooch!

Just as I contemplated bending down to help Rocky lick his plate clean, Tiffany busted out these delicious cookies. They were ridiculously good. Ri.dic. She made them from the Jacques Torres French Kiss cookie mix. You MUST try it!

Nicole played beer maid and made sure everyone had a full PBR at all times.

Liza was pretty chill at the beginning of the cookout, but then...

she got a little silly. Which I love. I kept making fun on her for her Lindsay Lohan spray tan fingers, and she finally busted them out for the cam. You can't see it all that well, but trust me, they were orange.

Lauren and Miko! Miko tried to flirt with Rocks, but he wasn't having it. This further supported Tiffany's suspicions that he likes boys better than girls.

This is Bruno. I'm not sure who his owner was. I think he might have been the bar's mascot. And look at the way he's sitting—I imagine that's what doggy yoga would be like!

Love the shades, ladies!

And things got even sillier at the end of the night. I caught this pic of the girls trying to click their heels together. I sprained my ankle doing that once, so I did not participate. No thank you.

So tell me: Who else loves going to cookouts in the summer? What's your favorite dish to make?


  1. Oh looks so fun!! We are having a cookout this weekend for Mother's Day! I am bringing a black bean salad!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm a sun baby, so I LOVE everything about summer! cookouts are very possibly the best reason for summer-grilled food, booze, and good company--i swear that's what angels in heaven are doing everyday. my favorite thing to make for cookouts are my custom teas and cocktails (big suprise). ginger mint ice tea, strawberry pomengranate mimosas, mango-tinis, etc. oh and i'm also designated meat seasoner at my mom's house, and somehow usually get roped into grilling too.

  3. i need a cookout :)
    adorable pics! I love summer.

  4. Good times. I need to do some cookout action. Why PBR? I only drink beer like that if its free. @ Nadette-I like where your head is. Those drinks sound AWESOME.

  5. Looks like so much fun! Those cookies like SO YUM!

  6. Cook outs are the best! My favorite dishes...any of the the dessert (of course), bean dip, pasta salad..and BURGERS! I guess that's just about all the foods.

  7. Yum! Oh and doggy yoga?! Hahahahah. cute

  8. Hey! I just started browsing your blog (recently laid-off, in the not-so-fabulous personal finance world). I interned at Glamour in 2007 under Nicole, and knew Jenn and Liza as well. I went to my first Fashion Week show with Liza - she is so sweet. So cool to see their faces again.

    Love your blog, and all the fabulous/crazy antics I miss about that world. I'm looking forward to following all your adventures now! :)

  9. Mmm, MHP, love anything with black beans! There was actually a black bean dip with avocado in it at the cookout, it was DE-lish.

    Custom teas and cocktails? You're fancy, Nadette!

    Thanks, Esperanza...hope you get your cookout soon :)

    Why PBR, D-Dub? Because it's CHEAP! They go down pretty easy after the first few.

    SassyGirl, I'm telling you, TRY the cookies. They were SO good and gooey and just....yeah..YUM.

    Yeah, Erin I skipped the burgers that time around, but that's very unlike me. I'm sure it won't ever happen again :)

    CGM, I didn't know how else to describe it! It does look like Bruno's getting a good stretch in. But it looks kind of painful, too!

    Hey Suz! So glad you found me. I'll tell Liza you commented :) Good luck on the job WILL find something. It can be rough, but if you stay positive, you'll get through it, and no doubt have some interesting experiences along the way, just as I have!