Monday, May 24, 2010

How do you decide what you put your energy into?

As a freelancer, it's really important what I choose to spend my time and energy on. At times I want to say YES to everything, but some jobs just aren't worth it. Like, I'd rather write an article for FREE for a publication I really like and want to build a working relationship with, over writing a blog about baby nurseries for a parenting website for $50. What's worth it? What isn't? That's what I'm constantly asking myself.

So I told you that I recently took on a freelance PR/assistant gig. Well, I finished out one job and then on Friday I quit. I was the one doing the firing this time around and it felt pretty weird. I took the job for the potential networking opportunities and contacts it would bring (I certainly didn't do it for the money!), but after day one I realized it was something I just couldn't --and shouldn't--invest my energy into. It's really not in my best interest to tell you the details of what went down, but let's just say that I will no longer be able to watch The Devil Wears Prada with the same amount of enjoyment, which really is a shame.

I was kinda bummed that the gig didn't work out because I was excited to be able to tell people I was doing SOMETHING, something kinda cool, regarding work. Ohh well. Bragging rights certainly aren't worth destruction to my mental health!

So, it's back to the drawing board! On the bright side, I will now be able to regain focus on the blog. (Well, I might not be 100 percent back to normal until after Memorial Day weekend, but I'm getting there!) Ohh and it's not too late to enter the Bumble and Bumble contest giveaway--I've decided to wait until tonight to pick a winner! An.Y.way...

Tell me: How do you decide what you put your energy into? What's worth it and what isn't? And have you ever had a Devil Wears Prada moment at work?!


  1. That is such a hard thing! I always want to put my energy into things that I enjoy (i.e. my blog) but since it isn't the sole way I support myself I can't go all in! UGH!

  2. I'm pretty bad at realistically prioritizing my life. I'm good for trying to do it all, its like i feel like i'm going to miss out on something awesome if i don't do it. my job is more like a joke, so i've certainly never had a devil wears prada moment. i don't do well with people who disrespect me, so i'm grateful that i've never had to dea with it professionally

  3. I KNOW MHP, I'd do the blog all day every day if I could!!!

    I'm like that too, Nadette...I get worried I'm going to miss out or pass up the right opportunity so I tend to try everything. I'm getting better about zeroing in on what I really want though. I guess all the trial and error has help me learn what THAT is! And feel so lucky you've never had a DWP suckkksss!

  4. as much as i loved event planning and the people i worked with, my boss was a DIVA. before i dish on him, let me say one thing: this man is also a saint. he called me out of the blue and offered me the event coordinator job (i was 3 months into my first "real" job selling TAPE and would be replacing someone who had been there for 25 years) and gave me the opportunity of a life time. i guess that is why he thought it was ok to be so MEAN?!?

    the best (worst?) story i have is when we organized this huge charity concert/dinner. the dinner was outside under this massive tent and then people went inside the symphony hall for the concert. well, a HUGE storm came and people had to evacuate the tent (side note: against our advice, there was no rain plan). thunder, lightning, rain, wind-almost everything was destroyed, including many of the beautiful tablecloths, some of which we had made. the owner of the linen rental company said to return the ones that weren't damaged and he would charge us a small fee for the damaged ones, as well as the 500 linen hemstitch napkins that were ruined. this was our lucky day! all i had to do was sort the good tablecloths from the bad and be on my way.

    BUT! the boss decided he needed to know just how many napkins were destroyed (even though they pretty much ALL were and we were not expected to send any back) and he made me get on my hands and knees in the basement and count them. twice.

    i can't tell you how many times we got into arguments because i questioned his methods....not as bad as having to get a pre-print copy of harry potter, but not my ideal day at the office.

  5. This is such a great post...I don't often decide and that's one of my biggest problems. I always try to take on WAY too much!