Saturday, May 15, 2010


I do, I do! I love you SOOOO much in fact, that I'm going to give away some of the Bumble and Bumble hair products I got at this event

There's a styling spray, masque, shine cream and conditioner, which all together retails around $100! I realized I hadn't even touched these products when Liza and I cleaned the apartment last weekend. And while they are totally fabulous, they just aren't quite right for my hair type. Plus, you know I'm always looking for ways to show my favorite people a little love :) 

For a chance to win:

1. Become a fan of Fired 'n' Fabulous on Facebook (Ahem—if you haven't already!)

2. Tell me how you'd spend $100 if someone gave it to you

3. Spill it: Your most hideous hairstyle you had growing up

4. Virtual pinky promise me you will tell at least one new person about FnF 

Yes, I'm making you WORK for it! Just a little. Ohh and Elizabeth, you never emailed me with your address so I can send you the Crazy Busy Beautiful book. (If your name is Elizabeth and you're not sure whether or not I'm talking about you, click here.) If I don't hear from you by Monday, May 24, then I'm going to pick another winner. And that's also when I'll choose the winner for these goodies!



  1. 1. Done a looooong time ago. I LOVE your blog.
    2. If I had $100 I would buy a new pair of Rainbows and sushi from RuSans.\
    3. Worst hairstyle ever was when I was about 5 and my Mom cut all of my curls off and cut my hair like a boy. Very very short and cropped to my head, nothing even hung down at all. It was HORRRIBLE. She said I screamed too much when she tried to brush it.
    4. Pinky promise I have already told 2 other people about FnF

  2. 1-Check-:)
    2-I'd share a fab dinner with a guy I'm dating:)
    3-hands down..middle school chopped boy style hair on fat me..yuck!
    4-Ok..I'll even slide you into a post:)

    I think this blog should be your job, you are so very good at it. Someone pay Ellen to blog!

  3. I agree w/ barbara you should be paid to blog u rock!

  4. 1. Done :)
    2. I'd get my hair cut! I'm looking like a shaggy dog. With the left over money, I'd go to Trader Joe's. Random, I know but I'm broke!
    3. I'm actually working on a book, and a whole chapter is devoted to my hair. It was Annie red and frizzy and curly and I had such a complex about it (thanks, Mom!) that by the time I was 14, it was long and blonde and straight. To get there, my worst days were when I was about 13 and my mom bleached my roots and they turned flaming orange! I looked scary. Now, I have a (bit) of a healthy relationship with my hair but I'm still a product junkie!
    4. I've already told people but I'll tell one more!

  5. I would divide $100 into something material... like some awesome new running shorts and some kind of experience, like a really nice dinner.

  6. I was so paranoid of getting a bad haircut when I was younger that I never had more than 1 inch cut at a time until I graduated high school! Then I chopped off 14 inches and donated it to Locks of Love!

  7. 1) Done a long time ago!

    2)I think I would do like Elizabeth and get my hair cut! It's really not looking good right now!

    3) Oh boy, there has been so many bad ones... I think the worst one was a sort of mullet haircut I had going on when I was really young. It wasn't really a choice but my hair was just growing this way. It was awful!
    There also was this time when I was about 13 and I wanted the same hairstyle than Neve Campbell in Scream 2 but the hairdresser totally killed my hair. I looked like a 8 years old little boy!

    4) Done! In fact, i'm going to promote your blog on my Facebook and hope people will be curious ;)

    Oh and I agree with Barbara, you should definitly get paid to do your blog!

  8. Because I have super curly hair, but my mom INSISTED that I have bangs (she claimed high that child abuse?), they LEGIT looked like a flower on the top of my head. No lie. My bangs were legendary. Anyone I went to elementary school with still teases me about them. Ha.

  9. 1) Done, of course. :-)
    2) Gosh, practical - I'd put it toward the chairs I want for my dining room table; impractical - clothes!
    3) Hands down - bangs! I had flat bangs, curled bangs, puffed/plastered bangs. It was awful!
    4) Pinky Promise

  10. Aww you guys are too sweet—thanks SO much!!!

  11. 1. done.
    2. anthropologie dress. or at least i'd put the money TOWARD the pricey dress...
    3. short, kinky curly hair that i soaked in gel. was straight at the top. looked TERRIBLE all of freshman year of high school. good times.
    4. i keep promises. i promise!

  12. 1. I am a fan on facebook.
    2. More workout clothes. Cotton is rotton as my endurance manager with Team Challenge says so I need to buy new sports bras without cotton and they are PRICEY!
    3. I cut my hair the day before my kindergarten pictures. Edward Scissor Hands looked like he got a shot at my hair. My mom was the kind of mom that let me live with my decisions so that picture sure is beautiful. I still randomly cut my hair to this day.
    4. I'm tweeting it now :) Hope you get more followers!

  13. Bumble & Bumble is my FAVORITE! I wish I could afford their products... I've been rationing out the styling lotion for a year!

    1. Done!
    2. Fancy dinner with the boy when he gets home.
    3. I lived with a bowl cut for the first 6 years of my life. And then went back to my childhood hairdresser last summer... and he gave me the same cut. No joke.
    4. Just told my friend I'm on the phone with!

  14. 1. Already done!
    2. Dinner at a nice restaurant in nyc!
    3. I had some unfortunate hair incidents in high school (no teenage should be allowed to possess Sun-In!), but the worst would be when I was 5 and my friend and I decided to play barbershop. We had cut off all of my hair (and some of hers) by the time my mom walked in. It was right before Christmas pictures, so she was not happy!
    4. Already sent out a mass email to my friends!

  15. 1. Of course i'm already a fan of fnf on fb ;)

    2. hmm...i would spend the $100 on the registration fees on (2) 5k's i want to do in the next couple of months. I just did my first 5k this month and its true what they say, once you do one 5k you're going to want to do more. And the rest of the $ I would get a much needed pedicure :)

    3. i have a pic of when i was about 7yrs old with a boy cut. Yikes! Now, i know that clearly was NOT my decision! Thanks, Mom. I looked like a little boy! That was the first and LAST time i ever had my hair that short

    4. I am always telling my friends about your blog! I love it :)

  16. 1. I've 'liked' your page. I miss the days of being able to 'fan'

    2. I'd put the $100 toward an upcoming spontaneous trip. The bf and I plan to look at flights one morning, pick whatever destination sounds good (and not crazy expensive) and fly out that night. Fun!

    3. I spent the early years of my life with a child mullet. My mom's defense: "But it made your eyes pop!" ha.

    4. I promise to tell THREE new people! :)

  17. 1. Done forever ago!

    2. Probably spend it on a nice evening out! Love some good food and drinks!

    3. Ba haircuts - probably during my chlorinated hair years. Ellen, you feel me here! All crusty and green. H-O-T.

    4. Done on twitter!

    Hope you're well.

  18. 1. done already!

    2. $100....i would take myself out to a nice dinner. i get take out sometimes, but i rarely go to a restaurant and really enjoy it. and there are so many great places here (obviously) that i have never tried, or even thought about trying. so a nice meal it is!

    3. this is tough, because my hair plagued me for a long time. curly/straight/frizzy mess. some crazy man in a hawaiian shirt at supercuts chopped it all off when i was in 3rd grade (mom was angry that i kept talking about how my hair made me hot) and i looked like a boy for about 2 years. then in 8th grade i wanted to be hip and cool so i got "layers" (the rachel...shudder) which was maybe the worst idea ever for someone who didn't own a straightener, any hair product, knew how to use a blow dryer, and lived with their DAD.

    4. you know it!!!

  19. 1. Already done!

    2. $100 I would get a mani/pedi just in time for my first vacay in 2 years to the beach ;)
    and probably buy the kiddos some beach toys.

    3. Let's just say what I call the poodle do. TIGHT spiral perm with bangs curled backward so they were POOFY on the top of my head. That was 6th grade and to make matters worse, MY MOM had her hair done the same way!!!!

    4. Done!