Monday, May 3, 2010

Warm weather=less clothing, more dudes staring at your ass

Yesterday in New York it was humid as HELL. I was sticky and sweaty and my thighs were rubbing together in the most uncomfortable way. Even though I had on a cute T-shirt and skirt outfit, I felt anything but attractive. And I really didn't realize just how short my skirt was until I dropped my metro card and had to bend over to pick it up. I felt a draft, panties were exposed, a few men stared, Oopsie! 

I walked around the rest of the day getting nods and "Isn't it a beautiful day?" comments from random dudes. Actually, I'm hotter than shit and I'd really appreciate it if you'd quit eye raping me, is what I wanted to say, but I ignored it. It was harmless enough. But then as I walked towards a guy sitting on a bench with his friend, I heard him say, "There we go. Yeahh, there we go." Eww eww eww. As I quickly walked past, now with my ass in sight, I heard a loud "There. we. GO!" I yanked my skirt down and scurried out of his view as fast as I could.

This is the type of girl who is begging for that attention. I, am not. Plus, I don't know what he was getting all excited about—my ass is looking more Lindsay Lohan than Rihanna these days, and that just isn't not cool. I swear, I think my glutes have become immune to every single exercise I know—it's getting harder and harder to keep my derriere perky. Oh lord, yes, I am approaching 30. Nooo!

Ohh and remember this post when a guy called me a "dime PIECE" when I was all sweaty after a workout? Umm yeah.

An.Y.way. Girls, are you with me? Who else hates this unsolicited attention in the summertime? And guys, do you have anything to say in your defense?


  1. Well, is your beef with the eye raping or the stupid comments? And what do these people hootin' and hollerin' look like? Would that make a difference to you?

    I'm not one to cat call, but if there is an attractive girl, in a skirt, I'm all eyes. Some of us are just a little more sneaky than others.

  2. I am not entirely sure what that girl is wearing...patches? Scraps?


  3. ew i've never really gotten that! maybe a honk but i'm not sure, and i'm not usuallly wearing short stuff. i used to but not anymore. that's awkward tho!

  4. Conflicted. I have liked it and hated it depending on my mood.

  5. I really HATE this sort of attention. its never from guys who are remotely attractive, and its always in that creepy manner. I know the men in NYC are aggressive (i gots stories ellen that you wouldn't believe!) but still baltimore is worse because the men here like to shout things from their vehicles, or in my case once last summer, from their semi trucks at the effin red light for ALL of the intersection to hear. *gross*

  6. Awww come on.

    I agree with filipsatrip.

    You're not required to wear a burqa and we're allowed to steal a glance. If that's not true, then I don't want to live here anymore.

    I'd say the cat calls and offensive comments might be hard to defend, but initiating small-talk about the weather is only lame; not offensive.

  7. Hate hate hate hate hate it. I mean, unless you're dressed like the wonderful blonde in that picture, you're just trying to be comfortable. It feels so violating when guys "eye rape" you. Can't believe I'm saying this to a New Yorker, but just gotta grow tougher skin, no matter how much it sucks.

  8. Flip, it's more of the eye raping. it just skeeves me out SO much. You can give someone a look or a smile without totally oggling them up and down. You'd think some of these dudes were fresh out of prison! And sadly, most of these guys are pretty gross. You know, the sleeveless T-shirt, barbwire tattoo types.

    Shannon, I think she might be wearing scraps. Possibly a cut up Ed Hardy tee??

    Trayn, your six-pack abs are totally honk-worthy ;)

    Yeah, Barbara, I agree...there are many factors that play into this. The fact that I was sweating my makeup off made me quite irritable!

    Ohh Nadette, I'd love to hear a few of those stories some time! Ohh and i forgot to mention the guy who said he would "FUCKING KILL ME" when I ignored his cat calls. Now THAT'S a way to turn a girl on. A death threat. Sweet.

    True, Lee. I suppose you can't blame a guy for trying with a little small talk. But I just hate when guys assume you're like "asking for it" just because you're showing a little skin. It was 85 degrees outside!

    Ha, Sukhmani, I concur :)