Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sisterly Love

It's a beautiful thing. Most of the time I feel like my sister, Liza, is the only person on the planet who truly gets me. After all, she's my everything-friend, remember? And while I'm fairly certain the term "beautiful inside and out" was inspired by my sis (girl, stop blushing!), I did go through a phase where I wanted to chop off her hair in the middle of the night. It lasted, ohh from about sixth to eleventh grade.

Growing up with a sister the same age is tough. Even though we established our own, and very unique identities early on, I always felt that people compared us. Or maybe I was just paranoid and it was me who did the comparing? I don't know. When I was recently home in Kentucky, I read through my old diaries. Most everything I wrote had one common denominator: I was jealous of Liza. Jealous of the attention she got and the fact that she could eat three Big Macs at a time without gaining an ounce. (And everyone thought it was

As I read the diaries and caught this glimpse of her getting ready for our night out, the old feelings of jealousy came over me yet again. Why? Well, shit, you have eyes. Thankfully, my jealousy has never effected our relationship or resulted in any extreme competitiveness on my part. My mom wouldn't have tolerated it anyway.

And as much as I had wished Liza would gain weight as a kid, I didn't even rejoice when she eventually went through a chubby period after college. (Her passport photo is quite unfortunate. Liza, I have blackmail if I ever need it!) If she wasn't so ridiculously sweet, it'd be a lot easier to wish her ill-will, even just a few measly pounds, but I can't. It's impossible. After all, she's the person who picks me up when I fall. Day after day.

What about you: Did you have a sibling or friend you felt this way about growing up? Do you still?


  1. haha. I SO totally felt this way about my sister when we were little. She is 4 years younger than me, and I hated that she was 'perfect'.

    But now we are best friends! haha!

  2. LOVE! What would we do without sisters?? If possible, everyone should have two children if just for the lifelong support system of siblings.

    My sister (also the same age) just came to my new house and painted rooms for two days straight! Then has called to make sure I am finishing the project correctly, she's kind of a perfectionist :)

  3. What a sweet post! She is definitely the definition of beautiful inside and out--I for sure miss having her in my life!! Hope you two are doing wonderfully! xo

  4. I am an only child and I moved a lot as a kid, so I am so jealous of that tight sister bond. My oldest, closest friend is actually someone I have never lived near.
    So there you go Ellen - I am totally jealous of YOU and your sister.


  5. This is why I am happy that I had a brother!!! :)

  6. my sister and I never EVER got along until she left for college. now we love each other!
    oh family: the ties that bind

  7. i have two sisters, a best friend, and a circle of four girlfriends who all fill this subscription. without my older sister, i would've been SOL when i first moved to bmore, my little sister gets me, and still loves me even though i was super mean to her growing up, and all of these women have been there for me when i need them. and yeah, i'm a little jealous of all these women for their beauty and talents, but nothing out of control, minus the fact that my little sister is 5'10" and a c-cup...i am NOT. i'm going to have a conversation with God about that

  8. ok, i'm jealous that you caught liza in this moment and she looks GORGEOUS. it almost looks like one of those pictures of a famous person behind the scenes at a photo shoot :)

    i'm with shannon, i don't have any siblings and i envy your relationship with liza. how amazing to have someone there always for you, that loves you for all you are unconditionally!

  9. You are both beautiful! As an only child I'm envious!

  10. Well, Nicole, Liza actually doesn't have that "perfect" way about her, but ahhh, I guess that makes her even MORE likable. Damnit! haha

    Aww, Becca, glad the painting is going well! I think everyone should have siblings, too. I used to always say that I wanted to have two girls and two boys so they both would have sisters AND brothers. I always felt bad for my brother because I know he felt left out at times. But umm yeah...don't think the four kids thing is gonna be happenin'!

    I know, Judy, Liza's just the BEST! I'll tell her you said hi :)

    Haha, Shannon. That stinks you are so far from your best did you meet if you've never lived near each other??

    Well, MHP, I got plenty jealous of my brother too growing up, but yeah, it was definitely in a different way!

    Whataboutsummer, I'm glad that you and your sis finally found that sisterly love! :)

    Sounds like you have a GREAT circle of amazing women in your life, Nadette! I can see why though, you are one likable gal :)

    I know, Mary Allen, the picture is just ridiculously beautiful. Ri.dic. The unconditional love is a great feeling...lord know Liza has seen my psycho sides!!!

    Thanks, B ;)