Thursday, May 13, 2010

Could you work from home?

So remember this post where my sister and boyfriend pretty much made me their laundry bitch for the day because they figured I had the TIME to do it for them? Well, it's becoming more and more evident to me that people just don't get what it is I do all day long. When I send emails at 6am, people write back asking, "What are you doing up so early?!" This happened to me just the other day, only it was like 9:45!  I rarely sleep past 10am on the weekend—c'mon now! 

Working from home is tough. I don't have anyone forcing me to do anything, so it's up to ME to stay motivated. The majority of the time, I have my PT job, random freelance gigs and the blog to keep me busy and on track. But there are days here and there where I'm like hmm, I could totally sit on the couch and watch TV all day if I wanted to! But, I don't. (Well, I just might watch part of Oprah today—the Twilight cast will be on!) But trust me, I'm on the constant hustle. Can't stop, won't stop. I haven't even SEEN my bf since Sunday! Is the weekend here yet?

Tell me: Could you work from home and stay motivated? Do you think you'd enjoy it? And if you were home during the day, what's the one thing you'd be tempted to do? Nap? Watch Dr.Phil? WHAT?


  1. I would Love to work from home. I would have trouble staying motivated though. I would probably be reading blogs for a great part of the day, or online shopping LOL !

  2. I work from home and I LOVE it! Working in my PJ's is the best feeling in the entire world! The only downfall is that I feel like I work all the time around the clock. You know? It is so easy to do a little work at 8:00pm instead of just chilling...

  3. I would absolutely take an afternoon nap every day if I worked from home! : ) So did you get excused from Jury Duty???

  4. U make me feel bad..In NY i dnt work i sleep, maybe walk the yorkie, eat pizza and watch E!

    but in London I work full time and go to uni one day off on a sunday to study and sleep!!!

  5. You have to be extra motivated to work from home. Props to you!

  6. Ha Emma...well those are things you can technically do at work too, right??

    MHP, I feel that way ALLL the time. I never feel finished with anything. There's always something I could/should be doing. I made it 45 minutes into a movie without getting on my laptop the other night, and my sis joked that it was a record!

    Seriously, Lalla, the everyone should get an afternoon siesta!

    Ohh don't feel bad Kelly...I get my pizza and E! fix pretty regularly :)

    Thanks, Cincy!

  7. Ohh Lalla, yes, I'm done with jury duty!

  8. I work from home and lemme tell ya, I hear you! People will call and say, "sooo what are you doing today? I'm like, UH? working? Yes, there's flexibility but i wake up everyday with SOMETHING TO DO. lol.

  9. I love this post. Before my current cubicle gig, I was freelance full time. It was some of the hardest work I have ever done. As you say, I was constantly hustling. I felt like every wasted moment was lost money. IN my current job, I can waste my time on the Interwebs and know I will get a paycheck still. Back then it was constant. And since my home was my office there were no clear lines of when was work time and when was play. AND my husband thought that since I was working from home I had all the time in the world to do his errands. It drove me CRAZY. I am getting worked up just writing about it again. And, like you say,you have to keep yourself motivated. It's HARD.

    All of that said, after 3 years in the cube I am antsy for self-employment again. This time around though, I want a freelance office so I'm forced to leave the house. When your office is 5 feet away from your bed and you can work in your pjs, its dangerous.

    Thanks for speaking the piece for all the self-employed and freelancers out there!

    Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF

  10. I work from home and LOVE it. I come into the office for a couple hours to get everyone else their work and then head home. I am wayyyy more productive at home- I'm comfy, can listen to my tunes, and if I get bored I take a few minutes to do a chore around the house so the place is cleaner as well!

  11. If I worked from home my house would get a total makeover while I got no work done. MWF is right about the "freelance office" that would proabbly be ideal, But that usually cuts into profits. My wife works from home while waching our son, it basically means that she works from 7:30pm till 3:00am ...I'm not sure how she does it.

  12. i definitely could NOT work from home. i would totally watch tv all day and never change out of my pjs, and constatly tell myself, "i'll get around to it, eventually". i couldn't even study in my room in college...a lesson i didn't learn till like my senior year...oh well, lol

  13. I KNOW, Chelsea! The same thing happens to me. No one gets it...glad you do :)

    MWF, I would LOVE a "freelance office." I don't know how on earth I'd get one, but it would be so nice to be able to go somewhere to do my thing without all the distractions my apartment sometimes brings.

    Berryfine, looks like you have the working from home thing DOWN. My apartment definitely is not cleaner as a result of my unemployment either :/

    Wow, G-Dub, I don't think I could do that 7:30-3am shift either! That's hardcore!

    haha, Nadette, it took me a few years to learn that lesson too :)