Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Small Bites, Big Flavors

Recently my boyfriend encouraged me to take more pictures so that I don't continue to have "throw away posts" for Photo Shoot Friday. (Umm, I think he was talking about last week!) So, I brought the camera out with us last Sunday for date night numero dos—yes, two in one weekend. (Date Night one was recapped here.) 

We went to Macondo, a Latin American tapas restaurant on the Lower East Side. I've only been there once before, maybe a year or so ago—I can't believe it took me so long to go back!

To me, atmosphere is almost as important as the food. I love the cool, low-key vibe. 

We started with plantains topped with shrimp in a red sauce. I looove plantains—it's miraculous that I just had this one bite. Willpower WHAT?!

For my main meal, I got the black bean stew and topped it with citrus, cheese and tomatoes. Interesting combo, huh? It was delish!

Hola mis amigos! 

I'm typically a fan of anything smeared in a creamy orange sauce, but these potatoes were only a'ight. I just had one so I could save room for this:

I had a couple bites of one short ribs slider and plenty of fries. Hold up, let's get a closer look...

Mmm. I love flavorful bite-sized dishes—you don't need much to feel totally satisfied! 

Sometimes I look back at what my boyfriend and I eat together and wonder if it's normal. Did we totally pig out or what? I really can't tell. And it's hard to know exactly how much you've eaten where you're having bites here and there. I've been doing a pretty good job of ordering what I want when I go out to eat, but not stuffing myself to the point of discomfort—that's the worst. Progress people, progress!

Ohh and what's everyone doing over the long weekend? I'm hopping in a car to go to Southampton as we speak! (Eek, I'm the one driving!) Our house has Wireless—WooHoo!—so I'll be updating the blog with our fun adventures over the weekend. Check back in, ya hear? Whatever you're doing, be safe and have tons of fun! MWAH!

So what about you: Do you eat more when you're dining out with certain people? I definitely eat the most when I'm with my bf—sometimes I forget that I really CAN'T match him bite for bite! 


  1. When i'm with my fam i definitely eat more than out with friends. I have been really good lately, though. Been eating really healthy during the week and whatever i want the weekend. I slipped up last night, though and ordered a pizza and wings. (temptation, temptation...sometimes i just give in to it)

  2. This place sounds great! I'm now obsessed with tapas.

    And yeah... I often forget that when I eat with the boy we shouldn't go bite-for-bite!

  3. I usually don't eat more with or without certain people. I am pretty even with my huge ass appetite!

  4. if there's ever a time when i over do it, its when i'm with family--too many of my favorite foods in one place! other than that, unless i'm starving, i'm eat like a bird and fill up quickly and stop. I totally don't think you and your bf eat abnormal amounts, looks about right to me, and the tapas looks really good (minus black bean soup i hate beans). Have fun in the hamptons! I'm headed to the delaware beaches and bbq on sunday. and a obligatory text message to my ex who is a marine to wish him a happy memorial day.

  5. Pizza and wings...mmm...always worth it, Jenn ;)

    Katie, you should definitely try it—I know you're an Uptown gal, but I think you'd really like it!

    Haha, MHP, that doesn't surprise me for some reason ;)

    Glad to know the bf and I are "normal" Nadette. Sometimes I just don't know...we get excited and overdo it. It's just fun to eat a lot together—why IS that?! I'm having a blast in the Hamptons so far—have so much fun in Delaware!