Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Banana Facial FAIL

Hey guys! Totally forgot to announce the winner of the Crazy Busy Beautiful book yesterday. I did Eeny meeny miny moe (Ok, now that looks weird as hell, but it's the spelling I got from Wikipedia) and landed on Elizabeth! Her comment was:

1. Black liquid eyeliner-I can wear any time, any situation, for a classy, timeless look.
2. Finding a foundation that matches my fair skin tone! I have to buy expensive just to find a shade that doesn't make it look like I'm wearing a mask. I'm proud of my fair skin but for a poor college student, it presents quite the dilemma. 
3. The all-natural Jojoba oil (don't even quite know what it is anyway) at Trader Joe's doesn't make my hair healthy and shiny, it makes in look like I don't own a shower! First day I tried it, I didn't have time to wash it out before going to class :S

Shoot me an email with your address, girl! And I'd love it so much if you took a pic with the book. Maybe somewhere on campus? It's always me me ME on the blog—I want to see some of YOU for a change! 

So last night I decided to do the banana facial the book suggested. I didn't go over the instructions again (stupid stupid) because I was so sure I had it down. Mash up a banana, spread it on your face. Easy. So I put this on my forehead. After about 30 seconds it started sliding down my face. Ewww. I kept pushing it back up, only for it to slide back down again. Then I finally turned to the book to see what went wrong: Mash up a really ripe banana. Oopsie! No wonder it was impossible to spread all over my face. 

It was an epic FAIL. However, I must say, when I wiped the banana off my face did feel refreshed and smooth. Seriously. 

My friends in college were amazed at how poorly I took care of my skin. I went to the tanning bed a lot (gross), didn't wear moisturizer and went to sleep with makeup on more times than I'd like to admit. But over the last five years or so, I've changed all of that. I'm more aware of wrinkles now than ever, and since I really don't know if I will ever be game for Botox (never say never though), I've got to do all I can to keep those fine lines at bay. Face cleansers and moisturizers are very much a part of my routine now, and I'm constantly chugging water like a maniac. 

Tell me: What's your skin care routine? How has it changed over the years?


  1. Soap and water....first thing and last thing.....simple

  2. I started using a moisturizer with an SPF when I was 20 and haven't looked back. Now I even use an SPF in my foundation...and I totally sympathize with your lucky winner re: fair skin foundation woes. It really is better to pay more money for the good stuff, though. Her face will thank her later when she is no longer a poor student.

  3. I am so so so bad! Soap and water with sunscreen! ACK! I hope the aging gods are nice to me!!! haha!

  4. lol @ the facial fail. I'm allergic to bananas if i eat them, I wonder if it would affect me if i put them on my face...hmmm. My skin care routine is... well...a little bit ridiculous. but i should preface this by saying i have the DRYEST skin known to man kind! (no seriously, in my newborn pictures, my hands are DRY--its a long story about my mom's pregnancy with me, but i digress.)
    for my face, its pretty simple, cetaphil cleanser--although im going to discontinue using it once i finish the gigantic bottle i bought at BJs because its loaded with parabens--which are bad for you--and oil of olay with spf 15 as a moisturizer--its sufficient in warmer months but in the winter, i have to add some avocado oil to it.
    the rest of my skin, i use a homemade array of moisturizers and exfoliants. I make my own salt/sugar scrub with coarse sea salt, granulated sugar, honey, avacado oil, and olive oil and scrub-a-dub-rub with it in the shower a few days a week (almost everyday in winter). I moisturize the with a mixture of raw shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil.
    complicated, but it gets the job done better than anything else i've tried

  5. haha the bananas sliding down your face would have been a perfect time for video! I would have been laughing at myself in the mirror for sure.

    I just wask my face in the shower. But my skin is pretty stable unless I get grease on my face at work or something.

    Also, "banana facial" sounds really dirty...

  6. Wow, I'm impressed with your homemade skin products, Nadette!

    And yeah, G, I tried to take some pics of the banana facial FAIL, but it was just not cute.

    I wish I had started moisturizing when I was 20, Shannon. Like, MHP, I hope the aging gods are nice to me!!!