Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It all started with a Christmas Card...

Whoa, look who jumped back on the two-a-day posting bandwagon! Better late than never, right? So my bf and I watched an episode of Mad Men last night (almost done with Season 3!), and at the end there was an interview with Dyna Moe, a super-quirky badass chick who has blown UP for her MM illustrations.

And it all started with this Christmas card she drew for Rich Sommer (Harry on the show.) He gave it to the cast as a present in 2007, and everyone loved it so much that Dyna was encouraged to keep drawing. And drawing. And drawing. From desktop wallpaper to calendars, she has done it all!

Apparently one of the post popular illustrations was the one of Betty shooting birds with a rifle with a cig hanging out of her mouth. I did like that episode, and it's always a joy to see Betty so out of character, but this is one of my personal faves. I flipped out the first time I saw half-dressed women riding on the guys' backs at the office, but eh, after a while you get used to it. And the characters are so on point it's crazy--I totally see why the illustrations have received so much buzz!

Don't you just love these type of succes stories? What's the best one you've heard? A friend also told me that the dude who started the Satorialist used to install cable for a living before his site blew up. Apparently he was a huge proponent of guerilla marketing and just passed out stickers like crazy. I can't say that rumor is 100 percent fact, but I'm choosing to believe it is. And Mad Men fans: What are your predictions for Season 4? I can't WAIT!


  1. Umm, that's not what the bio on the Sartorialist's blog says. He was apparently always in the fashion industry.
    But yes, I do love rags-to-riches stories:)

  2. Yeah, I saw that and I didn't really trust the source, but I thought it was interesting. Maybe he did the cable guy thing when he was like 16, who knows! This is how rumors get started...

  3. Update: I stand corrected...kinda. My source just told me that yes, he used to be a cable guy, but it was another blogger who passed out the stickers. Ahh...fact-checking FAIL.

  4. I read in some fashion magazine recently that the girl who started Alice + Olivia clothing just made herself a pair of pants out of some cool striped fabric and happened to walk into Lisa Kline in LA wearing them. The boutique owner was there, LOVED the pants, placed an order on the spot,then somehow an extremely wealthy guy (I think dealing with Barneys) approached her, and offered to back her. The rest is history. That might not all be exact...but that is the gist of what I remember from the article! Crazy lucky girl!

  5. How does the saying go - success is when preparation meets opportunity? It is nice to hear stories of folks who had their stuff together and were in the right place at the right time.
    I have a law-school friend who is trying to start her own ice cream company. She is an AMAZING cook who is a big proponent of locally grown, natural food. She has a vision, and I hope that I can say I ate her food back when.

    It can happen - you just gotta be prepared when the perfect opportunity comes.


  6. Ohh great story about Alice+Olivia, Beth! I had never heard that before.

    You are so right SCS. And that's awesome about your friend! I'll have to tell all my ATL friends to check it outtt. You know I support anything that has to do with ice cream ;)