Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Drinking the expensive shit for FREE

Happy Friday everyone! Remember this post where I got FREE happy hour drinks? Well, I won again! At Turtle Bay, everyone's a winner. I can now no longer gripe that I never win anything because it just is not true. 

Here I am with E-V-E. I was so happy—and a little surprised—she stopped by. She's one of the chillest (and the illest) people I know, but Turtle Bay isn't exactly her scene. Check out her blog to see what I mean. And I already gave you a sneak peek of my outfit last week. The skirt is by Free People—I got it from work! Oh wow, another thing I got for FREE. 

I looked over and saw Eve and her girls texting like maniacs. Too funny! (From left: Sarah, Jessica and Lauren.) They're so much fun. I'm kind of wondering what it's going to take for me to wiggle my way into their inner circle. Is there a handshake? Initiation? What? I can stop listening to Top 40 music girls, I swear. (Er, at least I won't openly admit that I like it!) Jessica suggested I ask for Grey Goose so I wouldn't be drinking "cheap shit" all night, and I wasn't sure if the bartenders would give it to me, but they did. Smart thinking, Jess!

The usual suspects: Jenn and Liza

I caught the DJ doing the sprinkler. Sweet. He played some old school beats like Salt 'n' Peppa's "Shoop" and NKOTB's "Step by Step." I belted out every single word.

You know that's Lindsay with her shiny ass hair. I turned her on to vodka-waters at the last happy hour and she hasn't looked back since!

Not sure who random dude is. There were a few that night, but none really worth mentioning. I felt bad because a cocktail waitress pretty much forced a man (I say man because I'm certain he was over 40) to buy me a shot even though I said I really didn't need it. So I took the shot, said thanks and left to join my friends. 

Looks like these gals were really enjoying the happy hour, too! When's the last time you danced on a table?

The FREE drinks ended at 9pm, so I rushed to the bar at 8:57 to get one more. I got DENIED by the first two bartenders I asked, but this nice guy served me right up.

Yes, I do occasionally feature soft porn on the blog. Who wishes they were that chicken finger right now? I kinda do ;)

Umm yeah, I definitely didn't need that last drink. Things got a little messy at the end there, but at least I was home in bed by 10:30!

When's the last time you got to drink for FREE? And are you a gulp-and-leave kind of girl when a guy buys you a drink, or do you stick around to chat? What's everyone up to this weekend? I'll mostly be working, and hopefully sleeping. I've been so tired this week!


  1. You have such a fun life...haha! I am a boring grandma next to you!!

  2. I think, maybe, my face is frozen like that. Every. Single. Picture. xx

  3. I went to a catered birthday party last week and got pretty silly. It was a very rare occasion that I went somewhere without wifey, Without my cofidence on my arm it was wierd, but I still had fun. I didn't know most of the people there so hopefully I didn't act the fool.

  4. Last night at an insurance claims adjusters convention with an Elvis impersonator and showgirls. yes. it was as bad as it sounds.
    But next week I have some more free-booze events planned that promise to be less cringe-worthy.


  5. The last time I drank for free was last thursday, I went out with a new girlfriend (who kinda turned out to be nuts) and she paid for everything. can we say, hangover on friday. And i'm more of a gulp and run kinda girl, but more recently I'll chat it up with the guy for entertainment's sake.

  6. Loved what you said about getting into the inner circle. Ah, if all it took was giving up pop. That's exactly what I'm blogging about so please share if you learn the secret!

  7. Well, MHP, I was in bed last night before 10pm! Who's the grandma now?!

    Jen, your facial expressions are the B-E-S-T!!!

    George, I would kind of love to see you act a fool. Let's make it happen!

    Shannon, that actually sounds kind of awesome. When you drink for work events do you feel pressure to be on your best behavior? I would fail miserably if I had to!

    I'd put up with a little crazy to get free drinks, Nadette. Although, I think I'd feel kinda weird if a chick was buying me drinks all night. Is she loaded?

    Seriously, MWF. It's kind of weird that I admitted that right on the blog bc um, I was SERIOUS and I know those gals are reading! Ha. Ohh well. There I go thinking out loud as usual!

    Yes, Carol, sweet indeed. I haven't seen anything do the sprinkler in YEARS!

    Thaaanks, ABT. Back atcha! :)