Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Man's Guide To Love

Yesterday I came across a really cute website featured on called The Man's Guide To Love. It's basically just a collection of videos from men of all ages talking about love. Some are pretty clued in, while others are down right clueless. Here are a few of my favorites:

David, 27, "I don't really know what love is."

Yup, sounds about right. If I had to guess, I'd say a lot of people don't know what true love is at that age. Did YOU? I learned what it meant at 25, which I realize is extremely lucky because it's hard to find the real thing. David's naivety is pretty darn endearing though, isn't it?

Jay, 65, "Stay the course."

Aww, how sweet is this man?! He does look a bit like John McCain, but I'm not going to hold that against him. He is so right. Love is work, but it is so worth it.

Chuck, 26, "Be as ruthless as you can be...there's no shame in the game!"

Trickery and deceit? Damn, Chuck! Looks like someone might have had his little heart stomped on in the past. Guys don't really think like this, do they?

So tell me: What do you think of the vids? Guys: What's your take on love? And girls: What do you wish guys knew about it?


  1. that first guy IS endearing. so cute. i love the older man's wife sitting next to him. she is totally into people watching and will just randomly look over at him with a funny look on her face every once in a while haha.

    i think love looks and feels different for everyone. and there are tons of types of love. true love to me (a single person) means someone that sticks by you and loves you no matter what-unconditionally. someone who always will do whatever it takes to make sure you "stay the course" and grow together and last. but i think that definition changes all the time. i think you know when you find it though :)

  2. I wish guys knew that they don't have to fix everything! Sometimes I just need to bitch and I don't need someone to fix it!!

  3. Mhp, I am SO with you there.

  4. oh me too!! guys are such problem solvers. sometimes there is no solution, you just want to whine for a little. and then maybe have someone bring you some ice cream and rub your back.

  5. wow, the old guy was really sweet (resemblence to McCain not withstanding). it was a pleasant sight to see, because my biggest fear in the journey of the L word is that he won't stay the course, but maybe i've been watching too many lifetime movies (television for Nadette!) and the "do what you gotta do" guy....FAIL at everything. he was rhyming his responses...FAIL at life! and while i can't exactly say what love "is" I know love is never unsure.

  6. That's true MA, the definition of love does change depending on the person and where you are in your life. But yes, when you find someone who will "stay the course" with you through anything, that's love!

    Haha, MHP, I think it's a pride thing or something! They have to feel like they can take care of EVERYTHING!

    I know, Nadette, all that rhyming was so ridiculous! Slack/lack, game/shame...geeze!

  7. Love: someone who doesn't get over excited, a laid back girl, cute, classy (very relative), understands wrong from right but also understands that other people don't understand this concept, can stand hip hop music (doesn't have to like it) but I'm well rounded musically so don't get overly concerned, and has a great sense of humor (or sass).

  8. This is so cute! I love this site, thanks for sharing :)