Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy Busy Beautiful

You know Carmindy, makeup extraordinaire from What Not to Wear? Of course you do. Well the other week my friend Nancy invited me to the launch party for her new book, Crazy Busy Beautiful at Norwood.

I've flipped through most of the book already, and found SO many great makeup tips. Lord knows I need them! No matter what type of woman you are—the glamazon, the girl-on-the-go, the moneysaver—Carmindy's got you covered. She even tapped real women for beauty budget advice. I will now be replacing my eye makeup remover with Vaseline and putting smashed bananas on my face for moisturizer. Hey, if Carmindy says to do something, you DO IT!

She was swarmed by groups of people at all times, but I snuck in for a quick pic. I look like a troll next to beautiful Carmindy in her Zac Posen dress! Oh, and she was so nice, too. Sweet, stunning and successful? Bitch! (Car, I'm totes kidding. Umm...kinda?)

And guess what, I am giving a copy of the book to one of YOU! For a chance to win, tell me the following in the comments section:

1. The beauty item you can't live without
2. Your biggest makeup dilemma
3. The weirdest beauty regime you've ever tried (Oatmeal masks, anyone?)

I'll choose a winner Monday night! Even if you don't win, go here for great makeup tips from Miz Carmindy herself! Hope everyone has a FAB weekend! Any fun plans in store?


  1. You got to meet Carmindy, that's awesome!! And you so DON'T look like a troll next to her.

    1. I can't live without my Boots tinted moisturizer with SPF or my Mary Kay icicles cream eye shadow
    2. biggest make-up dilemma is how to hide my dark circles well.
    3. weirdest beauty regime - this one is really hard. I'd have to say using toothpaste to dry out pimples.

  2. 1. Coco butter lip balm!

    2. Concelear- no matter what brand I buy it always looks a little too cakey

    3. I put olive oil and honey in my hair as a mask because a beauty blogger told me it would make my hair shiny. She did not, however, tell me I would look like a grease head for a week!

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  4. Oh my goodness! I love Carmindy :)

    Ok, here goes:

    1. (so hard to name just one!) DiorShow Black Out - makes my lashes so thick.
    2. Finding the right lip shade aside from nudes because my mouth is small and top lip is tiny so dark colors look strange.
    3. Putting conditioner on my legs before shaving to soften the hairs.

  5. 1. this is tough one because both concealer for my dark-as-night circles and mascara for my light-as-day eyelashes are mandatory.

    2. dark circles. dark circles. dark circles.

    3. mayo in the hair. i was in high school and read it in a magazine. :-)

  6. What a fun event to attend!

    1. Nivea Rejuvenation Q10 anti aging lipbalm

    2. Finding a foundation that conceals my acne scarring, but doesn't look cakey or cuase more breakouts

    3. Apple cider vinegar as toner. It's supposed to cure acne=)

  7. What a fun event to attend!

    1. Nivea Rejuvenation Q10 anti aging lipbalm

    2. Finding a foundation that conceals my acne scarring, but doesn't look cakey or cuase more breakouts

    3. Apple cider vinegar as toner. It's supposed to cure acne=)

  8. First, let me say I am so jealous of your meeting with Carmindy! I am almost as prone to getting pulled into episodes of "What Not to Wear" as I am to anything on the Food Network (key word: almost!)

    1. Mascara, mascara, mascara!
    2. Trying to decide what feature to "play up" for any given occasion.
    3. Doesn't entirely apply, but I am lazy and usually opt for shampoo in lieu of shaving cream.

  9. OH my...I NEED this book because currently I only wear mascara because I can't figure the whole makeup thing out!

    1. mascara
    2. Attempting to wear makeup and looking either like a clown or a $2 hooker.
    3. Weirdest beauty regime...cucumbers DO NOT take away dark me.

  10. 1. Black liquid eyeliner-I can wear any time, any situation, for a classy, timeless look.
    2. Finding a foundation that matches my fair skin tone! I have to buy expensive just to find a shade that doesn't make it look like I'm wearing a mask. I'm proud of my fair skin but for a poor college student, it presents quite the dilemma.
    3. The all-natural Jojoba oil (don't even quite know what it is anyway) at Trader Joe's doesn't make my hair healthy and shiny, it makes in look like I don't own a shower! First day I tried it, I didn't have time to wash it out before going to class :S

  11. 1.Mascara!
    2.Covering the horrible zits I've been getting lately.
    3.hmmm...Egg white mask anyone?!

  12. 1. Mascara! Right now I'm using Dior...I love the big brush!
    2. Covering zits and redness without looking too made up
    3. I once did a mayonnaise mask on my hair. It was so disgusting. I was gagging and seriously thought I was going to pass out because I couldn't get my breath!

  13. I loved Carmindy on WNTW! At first, I was totally thinking I don't need a make up book, because I don't really wear it that much. But this is Carmindy we're talking about, and i'm kinda with you, if she says to do, YOU DO IT! so with that said:
    1. eye liner. jet black, twist up fro MAC!
    2. eye shadow colors. i'm either always purple, gold, or smokey. I'm afraid of bold colors on my dark skin.
    3. soaking my scalp in pure apple cider vinegar to control my dandruff. it burns, it always gets in my eyes (and burns like crazy), and it only worked for the first few weeks. back to harsh shampoos i go...

  14. What a fun event, Ellen! And you don't look like a troll!

    1. Can't live without my under eye concealer! A must every day! Laura Mercier's under eye concealer works pretty well but it is a fine line for it to work or make me look like a raccoon!

    2. covering up my under eye circles!!!

    3. I once put beer in my hair because it was supposed to make it shine. It might have worked some, but I smelled like beer!

  15. i can't live without my bare minerals
    never been good at putting on eye makeup
    gosh i have never been too adventuresome to try anything weird or crazy!

    great giveaway!

  16. Wow, I am jealous that you got to meet her - I love WNTW!

    1 - I love my Fresh soy face wash and moisturizer.
    2 - Motivating myself to wear it sometimes! Since I work from home, I often fall into the trap of looking like a mess all day, every day. It feels great to put on a little mascara and lip gloss (not to mention, um a bra) and feel like a human being once in a while. :)
    3 - I only wash my face once a day. In the shower. My skin gets super dry otherwise. I know every expert says to wash your face before going to bed, but unless I am wearing a ton of eye makeup or something, I just don't!

  17. Wow..I absolutely love her! She is amazing.

    So, here we go:
    1: Aveeno oatmeal moisturizer for sensitive skin...a must have for people with suuuper dry skin.
    2: My eyebrows...there is just no way to make them look nice. Plugged them too much back in the days, so now they won't grow back:( If anyone has some tips how they I can grow them back, let me know!
    3: I use Oxy Sterile spray from Bioptron (oxygen enduced sterile water spray)to freshen up my face, since washing it with tap water more then once makes it way too dry.

  18. I don't have TV in my apt so I don't know who Carmindy is but damnit, I want that book! Girl, I need help changing my look and don't have the funds to do it properly- I could use the help!
    1.Mascara. I don't care what I am doing, a swipe of mascara just makes everything better in my world. It just makes your eyes pop and can really distract from whatever pimple or redness I have going on elsewhere!
    2.Lipstick. I absolutely cannot find a color I like. I feel like it makes me look like I hopped into Mom's bathroom and tried to experiment and EPICALLY failed. Clown face is the end result no matter what color I try.
    3. Beer in the hair for shine. I didn't notice a huge difference, however, being as I was in college I definitely had a lot of interest from the guys when I went out that night and I'm totally attributing it to my beer musk.

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  20. i love all these tips! and for anyone looking for a great concealer, Benefit makes one called Boing "industrial strength" concealer-LOVE IT, literally go NOWHERE without it.

    1. concealer
    2. glad i am not the only one with the circles problem!!
    3. i tried to soak my hair in virgin olive oil in 8th grade. i stunk. AND i got in trouble for using all the nice olive oil....

  21. 1. Mascara
    2. Which "natural" products are worth it, and which aren't? (For my personal health and the environment)
    3. I really haven't tried much, but I totally love the idea of putting beer / avocado / eggs/ mayo / whatever on your hair so make it look it's best - I should just TRY IT!