Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Fierce Fashion Without the Bullshit

Remember this amazing presentation I went to during Fashion Week? Well, you can only imagine my excitement when one of the designers of Falls emailed lil ol' ME about their sample sale this week! Would I like to come take a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer collection? Umm, Yes, please! You know I'm pretty much incapable of playing anything cool, so I responded immediately and tried my hardest to contain my excitement. (I know I failed.)

When I got to the sale and saw that the atmosphere was intimate, I was relieved. I just don't have it in me to fight off bitches while I shop! Here are the highlights:

I love the structure of this top and the ruching on the sleeves. So cool. So chic. I want it I want it I want it!

I'm all about stripes these days, and lately I've been into ruffles too. Put the two together and this is what you get: Perfection.

Pretty prints are imperative for summer!

And here we have the uber-talented designers, Leong and Philip. When Philip exclaimed, "We don't design for tall, skinny rich girls!" I wanted to give him a big fat slobbery kiss. And even though tall skinny rich girls do wear their clothing, it was really cool to know that they get inspiration from their friends--real people--and keep different body types in mind when they design.

The guys were so cool and down-to-earth and entertained all of my generic, "So how did you get started in the industry?" type questions. At one point Leong was lost for words, so he just blurted out, "You can never have too many hats, gloves or shoes!" I later learned he was quoting Patsy from the UK television show, Absolutely Fabulous. Apparently she says this when she's being interviewed and doesn't know what else to say. I think I'll use this tactic next time someone asks me what I DO. The show sounds like a riot--maybe I can convince my bf to watch it with me instead of Peep Show. Maybe? An.Y.way. Back to the clothes!

There were some vintage pieces at the sale too. Hello amazing, sparkly, sequin caplet!

And this YSL dress was acquired by one of their model friends, Grace Kelsey. Love. (Grace has been on Project Runway! Who watched the finale last night?!)

And when Philip asked me if I wanted to pick out a gift for myself I almost passed out. Something better than FREE soup and FREE Grey Goose? Is it possible? Yes, friends, it is. This top was my favorite piece, and I was beyond thrilled when I tried it on and loved the fit, too. I think I'm going to wear it tonight, only with dressier jeans and a blazer, perhaps. Watch out, Lexington, here I come!

So tell me: Have you ever been to a sample sale? What was your experience? And what's on your must-have list this summer?!


  1. Wow, what an exciting experience, you lucky girl adore you in this top, great choice! Thought you might want to know about the Sex in the City tour giveaway over on My Passport to Style, now your all glam! Sharon xx

  2. "You couldn't have just said 'accessories'?"

    I watched Ab Fab a little too religiously in middle-high school.

    I like that print dress. Sounds like a really fun time.


  3. LOVE IT!! It would look amazing with a black or red pencil skirt and a cute blazer! You look gorgeous.

  4. Ok so you totally should have told us this was going onn!!

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  6. Ohh sounds awesome, Sharon, I will definitely check it out!!

    And Shannon, you are WAY cooler than me. They asked if I had seen Absoulutely Fabulous and I was like, "Er,, but I want" Yeah, not so smooth. I'm definitely going to check it out now! I love UK humor, so I'm sure I will like it.

    Why THANKS, Kim! So nice of you to say that :)

    Kelly, I know I know! I actually didn't even know about it until Wed am and I went right that afternoon! Next time FOR SURE I will keep you guys in the loop when I have more notice!

  7. OMG i love the pieces! so cute. love the white top u'r wearing and the sequin caplet. XOXO :) love your blog.

  8. 真正的愛心,是照顧好自己的這顆心。........................................

  9. That is SO cool you got to go to this sample sale. I haven't ever been to one, but would LOVE to go!

  10. looks like awesome fun. I've never been to one before but would love to.

  11. That first white top looks like a must-have!

    I just started a blog myself:

    Any tips for getting started?
    It feels so weird in the beginning.

  12. I've never seen that show but it def sounds like an amazing Netflix day. I'm a sample sale whore. I work in midtown-and go to everything! Will start taking pics. What is really sad, is that the more crazy people and elbowing the better! I get so excited. Its a total high!! ha

  13. Hi Claire! Yes, the caplet is so cool...not sure how I'd wear it, but I do love sequins...

    Nicole and Chloe, do you live in NYC? Sample sales usually intimidate me, but this one was more low-key, which is totally my style. Shopping stresses me out enough as it is! I will definitely let everyone know the next time I hear of one going on though.

    Hi Laurence! Sure, I'd be happy to give you some tips. I'll come check out your blog and email ya :)

    Haha, Elizabeth! I wish I could be aggressive like that...that's how you get the good stuff!