Friday, April 23, 2010

Airport Food: Gross or yummy?

Mornin'! What's going down friends? I'm just at home being laaazy and I love it! So yesterday I didn't get any Airport Style pics because Liza and I were running late for our flight and I didn't have time to stop and snap. Bummer, huh? But here I am!

I've got my usual traveling staples on—American Apparel leggings and Frye boots. The Tulle hoodie is from Goldy+Mac where I work, and my bf got me this Zara trench! I'll never be the girl who's head-to-toe glam at the airport, but at least I'm not hiding under a baseball cap with Juicy sweatpants hanging off my ass, right?

Liza and I were starving when we landed at the Cincinnati airport, but there were ZERO healthy options. Subway is usually my go-to place, but there wasn't one in the food court. I loved the greasy bigger-than-your-head slices of pizza at Sbarro when I was a teen, but I've eaten enough pizza the last few weeks to last me a lifetime, so that was out. I was pretty positive I wouldn't be able to resist the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A, so that was a no, so I decided on McDonald's. I got one crispy chicken snack wrap with honey mustard. It wasn't the healthiest choice I could have made, but at 260 calories, it's not so bad. 

A lot of health bloggers carry plastic baggies of mixed nuts, dry cereal, PB sandwiches or energy bars on them while they travel for this very reason, but I'm usually not that prepared. (I know, I know: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.) Ohh well. A little McDonald's every once in a while never hurt anyone!

Ok, guys, I'm off to work on Photo Shoot Friday which will be up later this afternoon. Smell ya later!

Tell me: Is airport food gross or yummy to you? What's your go-to spot? Do you bring your own snacks? I packed a lot of healthy snacks one trip my bf and I took to London, but I ended up eating them all in ADDITION to lots of fried food and beer. Whoopsie!


  1. chick-fil-a ALL THE WAY! haha. Given the opportunity, I can't resist their nuggets and waffle fries. I do pack healthy snacks with good intentions. And TRY to eat only them, but usually it's the snacks plus greasy fried food and beer as well=)

  2. not only is it gross, it's WAY overpriced!! even McDonalds is a few bucks more than it is in the real world.
    I spent like, half of least year in airports (traveling weekly for a pharm company and visiting my bf in Chicago) and always, always packed snacks. I also brought an empty water bottle to fill up at water fountains ($4 16oz bottles of water- no thanks). I felt better knowing that I was eating healthier AND not forking over my hard-earned cash...
    have fun in KY, I'm jealous!

  3. packed snacks, but only because I'm just that cheap.

  4. Airport food is gross. I usually don't eat there, unless i'm starving, desperate, and not running late. My go to fast food is chick-fil-a, but i don't think i've ever seen them in any airport i've flown out of. and i'm like you, i NEVER have any food or snacks packed with me...outside of snack packing i'm a really good planner, i promise! and you did better than me with your mcdonalds discretion..i had a mcgriddle on saturday..and it was glorious, lol

  5. Love the quote "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" I haven't heard it before, but I love it!

    Kara and I buy a box of nutri-grains, and a box of Mini Cliffs(Target baby!). They fill in on the entire vacation. We also hit up local supermarkets when we land for a case of water to last the week.

  6. When I traveled a ton for work (back when I had a real job, ya know), I hated airport food and would always pack balance bars or clif bars to snack on instead of buying food. However, when you end up drinking 3 big glasses of Chardonnay because your flight is delayed, that probably cancels the healthy snack bar out, huh? :)

    These days if I'm just traveling on vacation or whatever, I just treat myself to whatever sounds good. I happen to love McD's. And Panda. Actually, you can get a decently healthy meal at Panda if you get the bowl with steamed rice and teriyaki chicken.

  7. Chick Fil the ATL. Of course, no good if you are flying on Sunday. And the Chick Fil A in the B concourse of the ATL airport doesn't have diet leomonade. WHAT?!

  8. I loveeee a good airport alcoholic bevie. But *always* get beer or wine...they measure out the liquor which is weak.sauce.

  9. MacDonalds...UGH!......I would rather starve than eat ANYTHING from there!....sorry guys, but that's just the way it is for me. I have a major problem with their ethics, health, sugar, salt, morals, litter, lack of plates & cutlery, animal welfare, plan to ruin every beautiful city with their yellow 'M'(Golden Arches??). They even use a clown to advertise their ironic is that!
    Ellen, if there is no Subway etc, buy a chocolate bar...much better for everything! :-)

  10. Yeah, Beth and Lee...I need to learn how to pack snacks and ONLY eat them...otherwise it's just a waste of money and calories!

    Ohh I've never had a McGriddle, Nadette. Not sure if I should start now though...I'm scared I'd like it too much.

    Yeah, G, that quote is so true...especially when it comes to eating healthfully. I always do better when I make a plan!

    Haha, Eatdrinkrun. Ya know, I have NEVER drank at an airport. I don't know why. I think getting on a plane tipsy scares me. And SU, if I ever do get a drink at the airport, I know to stick with wine. Thanks for the tip :)

    Ha, no Diet Lemonade, Shannon?! Not cool.

    Yeah, you're right Gary. I don't make a habit of eating at McDonald's, but yeah, I probably shouldn't ever resort to eating it..for all the reasons you listed. Chocolate for lunch? I like the way you think :)