Sunday, April 25, 2010


So yeah, after I went on and on the other day about never ever neglecting the blog or you guys again, it happened....I didn't put up a post yesterday. (Not that anyone really cared/noticed/was affected by this at all, but still.) But please know that I did try. My internet connection at home totally sucks, so I dragged my sorry, hungover, sweatpants wearing self to Starbucks. (Umm yeah, Friday night I thought it would be an awesome idea to drink six glasses of wine BEFORE going out. Smart.) Well guess what, the internet connection wasn't working there either, and since I was feeling too ill to drive to another location, I just went home and crawled into bed.

This morning I woke up early so I could go back to Starbucks and put up a post before I left for the airport. Again, the connection wasn't working, even after spending 15 minutes on the phone with AT&T. I'm feeling quite frustrated at the moment, but I guess this happened for a reason. I think the blogging gods are telling me I should be at home hanging with my mom instead of at hanging out in a coffee shop. And they are right.

Oh and have you seen this FAIL blog? It's pretty funny. I love the dude with the "Ladies love this" tattoo above his lip. Now that's just straight up sexy.

When's the last time you put forth the effort, but nothing seemed to be going your way? Ya know, like when you pack a gym bag and bring it to work, only to get to the gym later and realize you forgot your sports bra. That is the WORST! Anyway, hopefully I'll have time to blog at the airport, but if not, I'll hit ya with a post tonight!


  1. Oh no worries! But I know what you mean...I always feel bad if I am blog neglectful! Have a good Sunday pretty lady!!

  2. I hear ya! I tried to post yesterday afternoon. I even drafted it in Word and added links and pictures in the blogger window. When I pressed post, well, I just don't know what ate my post! I didn't bother to try again.

  3. Oh lord, Kim, that would have driven me CRAAAZY! That is just the WORST.